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PART- 2Exercise 1Model SummaryModelRR SquareAdjusted R SquareStd. Error of the Estimate1.885a.783.7763.22190a. Predictors: (Constant), Number of CBT session , Number of Self Hypnosis SessionsANOVAaModelSum of SquaresdfMean SquareFSig.1Regression2138.37121069.186102.998.000bResidual591.6955710.381Total2730.06659a. Dependent Variable: Phobia Scale Scoreb. Predictors: (Constant), Number of CBT session , Number of Self Hypnosis SessionsCoefficientsaModelUnstandardized CoefficientsStandardizedCoefficientstSig.BStd. ErrorBeta1(Constant)2.6523.123.849.399Number of Self HypnosisSessions1.226.109.98211.249.000Number of CBT session-.146.088-.146-1.670.100a. Dependent Variable: Phobia Scale ScoreCorrelationsNumber of SelfHypnosis SessionsPhobia Scale ScoreNumber of Self Hypnosis SessionsPearson Correlation1.879**Sig. (2-tailed).000N6060Phobia Scale ScorePearson Correlation.879**12
Sig. (2-tailed).000N6060**. Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed).CorrelationsPhobia Scale ScoreNumber of CBTsessionPhobia Scale ScorePearson Correlation1.550**Sig. (2-tailed).000N6060Number of CBT sessionPearson Correlation.550**1Sig. (2-tailed).000N6060**. Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed).HypothesisThere is reduction in Phobia scale score due to self hypnosis sessions as well as numberof CBT sessions.ResultsFrom the calculation of regression among the three variables it has been attained thatvalue of significance for to self hypnosis sessions is 0.00. However the significance value in caseof number of CBT sessions is 0.10.By the means of correlation among the variables that is self hypnosis sessions as well asPhobia scale score the significance value is 0.879. Further when analyzing the relationshipamong Phobia scale score as well as number of CBT sessions value of significance is 0.550.DiscussionIt has been gained from the interpretation of tables that in case of regression thesignificance value is below 0.05 in case of self hypnosis session this implies that there isexistence of significant relationship among the variables. On the other hand in case of number ofCBT sessions the significance value is higher than 0.05. This reflects that there is no significant3
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