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BSBWRT401: Write complex documents

Added on - 01 Jan 2021

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Student Assessment WorkbookBSBWRT401Write Complex Documents
Assessment Event 1 – Short Answer QuestionsInstructionsThe information contained in this section lists the questions that you will need to develop a written responseto. These questions are theoretical and provide evidence of your understanding of ergonomics, workorganisation strategies, energy and resource conservation techniques, and spreadsheet functions. Eachquestion includes a word count to give you an indication of the depth and the performance requirements toachieve a satisfactory result for each answer.Note you must answer these questions in your own words. Remember, you must get a satisfactory resultwith each question to be deemed satisfactory for the whole of Assessment Event 1.Questions- Question 1Describe how formatting styles impact the formatting, readability and appearance of word processingdocuments.Write your response into the table:Formatting StyleImpact on formatting, readability and appearance of Word documentsClipboardClipboard provide help for copy and paste options. It helps to prepare noteswithin short time periodinto Microsoft.FontThere are number of font size options that can be easily selected and modified.These options will help to select appropriate fonts and sizes for differentlanguages. This option provides clarity and readability to usersinto Microsoft.ParagraphParagraphs let the users to easily segregate the contents according to users'choice. It delivers great help in reading large descriptive contentsinto MicrosoftStylesFont styles can be easily changed according to the type of content and languages.There are different options available to write in formal, casual or other styles.This will help user to modify font size and help in reading contentinto MicrosoftTableTabular format deliver smart segmentation and presentation of large documentswith the help of single table. Tables are easy to format, edit and use and itsappearance can be improved by using proper colour combinations and font stylesinto MicrosoftIllustrationsIllustration will provide attractiveness ton the prepared contents and it will beeasy to understand for readers to analyse every presented scenario with the helpof picturesinto MicrosoftQuick PartsIt will easily highlight import sections of content that will help in effectivereading and saves time of user. Quick parts in document improvise its formattingoptions, different styles can be used easilyinto MicrosoftThemesThemes will deliver a proper area of presentation to the document and the alsomake the document presentable. It gives readers a brief idea about what is thebasis field of prepared contentinto MicrosoftPage BackgroundFrom this option user can make the document highly creative and drives readersattention towards the drawn contents. It makes a balance of colour contrastsbetween page and font colourinto MicrosoftPage SetupThis option deliver number of options to increase the appearance of a page. Itincludes the options related to margins, columns, page numbers, headers andBSBWRT401.v3Page2
footers etc. This will increase readability of content and give clarity topresentation of documentsinto MicrosoftBSBWRT401.v3Page3
Question 2Explain rules and conventions for formal written English.Write your response into the table:ElementItemExplanation of rules and conventionsElement 1:StructureSectioning/HierarchySectioning of document is the basic rule thatinclude headings and title to different part ofdescriptions as per the level of mentionedinformationinto MicrosoftParagraphs and sentencesParagraphing is segmenting or breaking contentsto highlight facts and changed informationwithin itinto MicrosoftDot-point SeriesThis rule includes the usage of proper bulletpoints to highlight important facts and figures inwritten document. For business or formal writingsignificant data can be presented and readersfocus can be driven on major findings of thecontentinto MicrosoftElement 2:LanguageGrammarThis rule must be followed that inhibits properuse of tenses, verb, conjunctions, prepositions,speeches, voices must be followed to make thecontent highly credible and understandableintoMicrosoftSpelling & PunctuationThis primary rule must be focused while writingany formal letter or document. Proper spellingsincrease quality of content and reduces chancesof misinterpretation of messages by readers.Punctuations help to present the expressions ofwriter to readerinto MicrosoftToneThis rule is to be followed in formal writing tomaintain level of professionalism. This rulefocuses on acceptance of content by readerswithout getting offendedinto MicrosoftJargons, abbreviations,acronyms and familiarityJargon and abbreviations are the informalelements that cannot be used for formal writing.Usage of Jargon must be avoided to deliverrespect to readers and presenting etiquettes.Abbreviations or short must be avoided, thismay mislead segment of information andtransform written document into an informalpresentationinto MicrosoftElement 3:ContentConciseness andCompletenessThis rule implies consideration of writer towardscompletion of written sentences. The sentencesor part of description must be of standard length.This rule makes the description readable andderive clarity of intentionsinto MicrosoftClarityClarity of information rule refers to specificity ofwritten content. It should have high level ofclarity and must not be deviated while presentinga specific part of information.Audience awarenessThis rule says that writer must know about hisaudience. He should be aware that to whom he isBSBWRT401.v3Page4
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