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Running head: ASIAN BUSINESS MANAGEMENTAsian business managementName of the studentName of the universityAuthor Note:
2ASIAN BUSINESS MANAGEMENTMemorandumTo:From:Date:Subject:The purpose of this particular memorandum is to draw your attention to the fact that yourapp cab company, Grab is planning or is fully prepared to enter the Taiwan market in just a fewdays. This memorandum will serve as a detailed guideline to your firm on the risks andadvantages that Taiwan market possesses for the company(Ang, Benischke, & Doh, 2015).It has been a long time thatGRABhas started its operations in South East Asia and hasbecome one of the leading names in the world of Taxi. However entering Taiwan to carrybusiness is not that easy as it seems. The market is controlled by China and a businessorganization must have a clear knowledge about the local cultural, business and the policies andregulatory norms of the mentioned placeand international remittance systems are highlydeveloped and offer a vast range of investment opportunities for different organizations.GRAB’s entry into the Taiwan is thus much easier. However the following research has beenquite effective to project Taiwan as a happening place to carry on business.
3ASIAN BUSINESS MANAGEMENTStrategy of Grab Car in TaiwanSome of the strategies adapted by GRAB car in Taiwan are as follows;1.Providing Quality Customer Service-The app cab taxi service has the aim to provide asafe, hassle free and speedy taxi ride to any of the passengers who avail the services ofthe following taxi brand( The safety measures are taken wellcare of as the driver’s details, address, phone number, emails, past history of theorganization are checked thoroughly and then only the assessment is done. Thepassengers have also a SOS button in their mobile app which they can press if they feelthat their safety is being violated and they can also rate their driver based on theirexperience. The mentioned App Cab service providers provides quality service to thecustomers and standing out from the rest of the providers offers the customers with bothcash and card payment options.2.Utilizing the Large Customer Base-The large customer base of the followingorganization will help them to allocate the best possible resources to make their app cabcompany the largest in Taiwan and ensuring the greatest chunk of profit in Taiwan( Instead of building a new app the company hasintegrated Grab car with the latest mobile app for pulling different customers under itsfold. The current users have the option to select the Grab car service if they are not ableto catch the taxi.3.Catering to the needs of the individuals-Grab car provides different customers withdifferent offers. The presence of luxury limousines and BMW’s are useful to carry VIP’sand luxurious people. There are also provisions for normal cars and buses. The
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