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Marketing Strategy of Nestle | MKTG301

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Australian Catholic University


marketing strategy (MKTG301)


Added on  2020-03-07

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MKTG301 - Nestle is one of the world's largest corporations, with operations in numerous countries. The above assignment discusses Nestle's Marketing Strategy, which focuses on delivering new products and meeting the needs of their customers. The paper also discusses global demographic trends.

Marketing Strategy of Nestle | MKTG301


Australian Catholic University


marketing strategy (MKTG301)

   Added on 2020-03-07

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Running head: MARKETING STARTEGY Marketing strategyName of the student:Name of the University:Author note:
Marketing Strategy of Nestle | MKTG301_1
1MARKETING STRATEGY Activity: 2 Nestle is considered to be one of the largest companies which has its branches indifferent countries. Each year in Australia, Nestle is launching some of the new productswhich are becoming famous among all the targeted audiences. In this year, NESTLE decidedto launch a new range of Kit Kat ( 2017).The Melbourne Chocolatory iscoming up with new range of kit kat flavors last year and in the year 2017, NESTLE islaunching three new flavors of Kit Kat name Mint ice cream, Caramel Burst and Sea Salt,Ganache and Espresso Biscuit. These are the new innovative forms of Kit Kat that Nestle isthinking of launching ( 2017). On the other hand, Peter brand has targeted tolaunch ice cream flavor in the flavors of Arnott’s biscuit. Peter’s ice cream and Arnott’sbiscuits grouped up to invent the four traditional flavors. Peter always looked forward aswell to explore new ways to deliver ice cream by using the latest technology. Therefore, boththe companies play significant role in terms of delivering new products and satisfy thecustomer needs ( 2017)Nestle with its three different flavors of Kit Kat made a marketing strategy so that theproduction of the company improves. Peters also has come up with a new product oflaunching along with Arnott, which is a part of the marketing strategy and enhancing theproduction. NESTLE’S target audience is the children and teen agers from the year 10-20years old ( 2017; Payaud 2014). Nestle already shares a good reputation havinggood strength of marketing strategy as Nestle brings is having a reputed brand. Moreover, theto see Australia from demographic point of view, the number of children of this age groupbetween 10-20 years old are increasing in number ( 2017; Payaud 2014).Withthe increase of such population group, the importance of the product would also increase withthe rise of demands and meeting the satisfaction of the buyers, who wants to try out differentflavors of chocolates. To talk about the channel differentiation, Nestle generally reach their
Marketing Strategy of Nestle | MKTG301_2
2MARKETING STRATEGY products through the expert market salesman and effective transportation, so that the productsreach their respective targeted customers. Nestle in order to promote new products advertisethose products and also through the promotion of sales. Therefore, it will be a success forNestle once again if the implementation process goes well ( 2017; Payaud2014). Peters on the other hand is also one of the famous ice cream brands in Australia. It hasgrouped with Arnott to launch new ice cream in the places of super market ( The target audience is for the audience from 15-40 years of people and for thosepeople who loves sweet. The company’s main motive behind launching this product is thatthe flavor of the ice creams name Arnot Vovo or Wagon wheels would bring back thechildhood especially for those who are above 35 years of old ( 2017). Thelaunch is meeting the sentiment of the people and moreover, the company also like nestle ishaving a good channels where the experts can deliver the products to the desired people. Thesummer season in Australia is more favorable for the people to buy the ice creams and funhaving them under the basking sun ( 2017; Baker 2014).Activity: 5There is a huge dramatic transition. Different countries are standing on stages inresponse to the change in demography. The developed countries are going through theprocess of ageing and also by the year 2020, the other developing countries in CentralEurope, East and South Asia would go through the process of ageing (Armstrong et al 2015).However, there is a decrease demographic transformation, it is important to consider thepossibility of the enhancing of the populations belonging to the working age group in theupcoming decades.
Marketing Strategy of Nestle | MKTG301_3

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