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System Analysis and Design Solution

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System Analysis and Design Solution TemplateAcademic year andterm:Semester - 2, Year 1Module title:System Analysis and DesignCoursework 2: Review and Evaluation 1
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Explain your role as a system analyst in context of the system you designed in first assignment. Explain how did you use the OO approachin designing the system and clarify the benefits of using the relevant UML diagrams in your design. Remember to address the advantages and disadvantage of OO paradigm and give examples as appropriate and cite your work properly. (500 words)System analyst is a person who has a expertise knowledge inInformation technology and also in various software developmentskills. They can also be known as a architects as well as the projectleaders who are aimed at the development of the designing anddevelopment of the error free and effective system (Shollo andGalliers, 2016). Being a system analyst within the QAEK university,understanding the current library management system, procedure,design and architecture is very important which helps in determiningthe main user requirements within the new Library managementsystem. Along with this, The main job of the system analysts is todevelop the solution of the user's problem by delivering technical aswell as operational feasibility in order to create the efficient systemwithin the organization. They also lay emphasises in minimising thecost and expanses in developing a effective and efficient Librarymanagement system within QAEH university (Legg And, 2015) .System analyst performs various different types of roles during thedesigning and development of the system which can be describedbelow: Requirement: The first and the foremost role of the systemanalyst is identification of the user requirements andimprovements within the current system of the organization. Byunderstanding the needs and limitations as well as various otherconsequences, analyst will be able to create the effectivesoftware design as well as system. This system will allow theusers to search, issue or return the book of the Librarymanagement easily.Plan a system Flow: The role of the system analyst is to planthe overall process as well as actors within the system.Investigator: The analyst will also act as a investigator whoinvestigates the resources as well as functional non-functionalrequirements in order to meet the main objectives.gathering facts, data and opinions of the users: This role ofthe research analyst will also helps in gathering the data andopinions of the user regarding the functionalities of the system.Thus it will allows the analyst to implement the effective Librarymanagement system for the university.Problem soling motivator: The system analyst will also beable to enhance the functionalities and also acts as a problemsolver.Object oriented approach is mainly focused towards the structureand behaviour of the information system(Neigel And, 2018). AlsoOO approach is aimed at improving the quality as well as productivityof the system analysis and design by making it more usable. This2
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