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System safety show and the issuesThe present situations demand rapid expansion of all the activities of business. For this, thesystems have to be set and upgraded so that all the activities happen on time and with perfection.In this process, ‘safety’ of the systems is an important consideration that has to be taken care of.It needs to be interpreted in underlined and bold terms. Firstly, the safety implementation is anissue and then, its maintenance is an issue. The system safety-related problemsDuring the implementation of the safety systems, the following issues come up:The legal issues and legal liabilities of the implementation process have to be determinedin detail while implementing the safety systems.Identification of the trained and qualified people is another issue because the data isrequired to be handled which is very crucial for the companies. Then, for collecting the data, a proper system needs to be adopted which can help inreporting and recording the incidents that are harmful for the systems or the company.There is also need for establishing a risk reporting system which is a cumbersome task asthe system has to be feasible (Ericson, 2015). The last problem is that when the safety systems are implemented, they have to beintegrated with the other domains of the company. For example, if a safety system isdeveloped for SMS system of airport, then it has to be integrated with the air trafficcontrol, all the airline companies and other related agencies. 1
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