Use of AIDA marketing : Assignment

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Target audience are the intended customers who arelikely to be interested to use the services. The companyoffers range of international, mobile, same day andconsumer focused delivery services administered bycoaches, minicabs, taxi bikes and private jets. Thecompany deliver its services directly to the customers.Distribution channel provides a path to Addison Lee todeliver its services to the end users. The company usethese channels to manage the demand of services.Administering on site work is one of the ways used byAddison Lee to distribute its services. The companyuse different channels to reach target audience andformulate pricing strategies correspond to income andit allows the firm to approach new market.Key message of communication: The main objectiveof Addison Lee is to producer and deliver high qualityservice to its target customers and achieve growth andsustainability in the marketplace. Effectivecommunication of message helps the firm in promotingtheir services appropriately and aware the customersabout the values and benefits of using service. 1.Use of AIDA marketing2.The promotional tools adopt by Addison Lee assist the company to grab attention of the customers towards its services through name and logo. These tools encourage the interest, desire of the users for the service and they take action to use their service so that the company 7.In marketing, promotional mix is a combination of various tools thatare chosen by marketers to assist the firm to reach its goals. It is theset of tools and techniques that Addison Lee used to effectivelycommunicate and promote its services to the users. It includesdifferent elements such as personal selling, advertising, directmarketing, sales promotion and personal selling. These all are theforms of communication that the company use to promote its productor service and the way to influence the purchasing behaviour ofpotential customers. 8.Addison Lee use different channels for selling its services to itscustomers. These are: 9.Direct sales: This channel allows Addison Lee to contact directly tothe customers through online, mail order, visits etc. The firm receivedirect feedbacks to the customers. 10.Agents: Addison Lee hire consultants who provide them customersand takes some commission for this from the company. 11.As per the above mentioned report, it has been concluded thateffective marketing and communication of services helps the firm inattaining its goals and objectives. Different promotional tools assistAddison Lee in promoting its services and distribution channels indelivering the services in an effective and efficient way. 12.13.14.Promotional mix theory15.Communication is a process in which two or more than two personsinteract with each other and exchange their thoughts and views.Marketing is a process by which products and services are created,communicated and delivered to the customers. Good communicationof a concept is necessary for Addison Lee in order to promote itsservice in the market.16.Addison Lee designed its promotionalmix in such a way that convey the valuesand benefits of the service offered to itspotential customers in the target market.The theory of promotional includes:17.Advertising: It is one of the promotionaltools that Addison Lee used to promoteits services. It is a paid form of promotionthat tell the user about the benefits ofusing services. Company use it to reachtarget audience and build awareness aboutthe service offered. The medium used byAddison Lee for advertising is television,internet, newspapers etc. 18.Sales promotion: It is a type of non-mediamarketing in which short term incentivesare given by the company to encourageusers to use its services. Addison Leegive discounts, coupons, free rides, rebateetc. to promote its sales. 19.Personal selling: It includes individuals topromote services to target market. It is ageneral way of Addison Lee to dobusiness. It includes interpersonalMarketing and CommunicationPlan and Justify an Integrated Promotional CampaignINTRODUCTION

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