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1TASK 4As compared to low cost airlines, charter andscheduled airlines are more costly and fullyequipped. The on board facilities and services areprovided below:Private catering: Charter and scheduled airlinesprovides private catering to the passengers ontheir wish.Private Cabins: Executive cabins are availableaccording to passengers comfort with high tech onboard facilities. These cabins enhance theexperience of passenger and provide themadequate level of comfort.On-board Atmosphere: There is special cabin incharter plane in which passengers can relax,listen to his or favourite music and do manyactivities that enhances the experience (Spinardi,2016).In-flight entertainment: Scheduled and charterplanes have in-flight entertainment systems thatassist the passengers to have entertainment whilethey are on flight. Family security: Scheduled and charter planes areloaded with high tech security systems that helpin safeguarding the family members and otherpassengers effectively and efficiently.Low cost airlines or carriers are those airlines thatprovide cheap flight tickets. They are also known asbudget airlines (Cunliffe, DeBell and Duffy, 2017). InUK, Monarch Airlines provides both low cost andschedule charter airline services. Low cost airlinesprovide limited on-board facilities for entertainmentand services due to low cost. Low cost airline of Monarch charges forpillows, blanket, food or any other extrafacility provided by them.As compared with charter airlines, they haveonly single passenger class in aircraft.They have limited equipment so that aircraftweight can be maintained and cost ofacquisition and maintenance can be reduced. Early reservations in low cost airlines rewardspassengers with the lowest fares. The fare inlow cost carriers is indirectly proportionatewith number of vacant seats. These airlines have some entertainmentequipment such as music player that canentertain the passengers while they are onflight (Billings, 2018).On-board facilities available withMonarch scheduled and charter airlinesOn-board facilities and services availablewith Monarch low cost carriers3.1 The on-board facilities and services available with low cost, scheduled and charter airlines
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