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Tasks – ExplanationTopic:Study on Effectiveness of Learning & Development initiatives in mid-sizedorganizations in UAEAs mentioned, there are three tasks to be completed for portfolio; as explained below (also templates attached)Three Tasks1.Produce a research proposal of 2,500 words in which, plausible research questions are developed based on a critical literature review. A thorough review of the research methodology and an outline of individual research methods to be employed and adapted with justifications should also be included in theproposal.Prepare proposal as per original format (max 2,500 words)2.Identify and analyse 3 different cases of plagiarism in the UK news over the last 10 years, this may be well known public figures or cases from universities etc. Using a report format critically evaluate each case; supporting your debate using academic articles. In the conclusion, give your personal views regarding this ethical issue. (Approx. 1,250 words report style).You search from Google three incidents/cases from U.K. on plagiarism/fraud/scam cases anywhere and prepare :a) Explain briefly about each case;b) Prepare Executive summary; andc) Your opinion/view on these cases.3. write a report, which critically reviews the material contained in at least 3 weeks of the research methods theme. Suggest additional sources that you would recommend. To achieve this you are asked toundertake an internet search of videos, tutorials, research methods books and other sources.identifyany three weeks research methods themeand prepare a report by critically reviewing all materialand also suggest additional resources that you would recommend (i.e., you tube, videos, cases, articles, books, etc.)Hope the above is clear.

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