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The Consolidation Between the Human Behavior

Added on - 19 Feb 2020

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RUNNING HEAD:Organizational Behavior1Organizational Behavior
Organizational Behavior2The management of individuals at the workplace is an important part of the organizationalbehavior. Organizational behavior is the examination of human behavior in the settings of theorganization, the consolidation between the human behavior and the organization. It determinesthe impacts that people, groups, and structure have on conduct inside the organization for thefundamental reason of applying such as keeping in mind the end goal to enhance anorganization’s viability. A successful organization will confirm that there is a spirit of supportand feeling of a circle of between personand organization.According toAl Jenaibi (2010), the attitude may be defined as a susceptibility or tendency togive response either positively or negatively towards an idea, object, people or circumstances.Attitudes impact a person's decision of activity, reactions to difficulties, motivations, and prizes.An easier definition of attitude is a standpoint or an inclination to act particularly as a result ofboth personal involvement and identity. The factors which determine the attitude at work are theorganization itself, levels of satisfactions and principle of attitude consistency. The organizationplays an important role in affecting the organizational behavior. The work environment is themain factor that affects the organizational behavior. Every employee wants a good workenvironment which encourages and motivates them to perform their best in achieving theorganizational goals and objectives. The other factor is the level of satisfaction in theorganization that shows how organization fulfills the requirements of employees whichdetermine the employee attitude towards their work. The next factor in determining the attitudeat the workplace is the principle of attitude consistency. The principle of attitude consistencyconcerns to how much employee’s attitudes anticipate their conduct. State of mind exists whenthere is a strong connection amongst feelings and activities. The investigation of attitudebehavior consistency is essential because it is a significant part of the concept of attitude isderived from the possibility that individual opinions manage their activities.According toGable & Wolf (2012), an attitude is a generally proceeding with organization offeelings, emotions and behavioral propensity towards socially critical articles, gatherings andimages. It is a psychological potential which is shown by analyzing a specific organization withsome point of favor or disfavor. Attitudes indicating stress which makes a mental and physicalissue.
Organizational Behavior3Issues like a sleeping disorder, exhaustion, loss of concentration, depression and significantlymore which is hazardous for individuals. Subsequently, having an inspirational state of mindtowards work causes them to manage day by day stress and rouse to do work. Encouragingindividual mentality will have a costly impact that distinctly influences everyone individualconnects with (Griffin and Moorhead, 2011). Attitude is not necessary basic for workingenvironment and security but also required to acknowledge life. Individuals will not have thepreparation they required in order to improve their performance.A big portion of society doesnot close what we need or even what we make, however, you cannot focus on the negative.Attitude determines the results and reflects the behavior. Our attitude about any situation orcondition in our life is dependable within our power to pick. States of mind are established in oneown particular convictions and are remarkable crosswise over generally people. They do notframe overnight but instead over the span of one's life. A positive or negative attitude towardsany circumstances will decide the results. In simple terms, a positive attitude and negativeattitude creates significantly more favorable outcomes while negative attitude just serves toproduce disappointment. We all have within us the ability to react to any given circumstance inany capacity we need regardless of the circumstances and this is the reason you can eitherrespond positively or negatively. Similarly, a good positive attitude in the workplace will givemany benefits to the organization regarding their effectiveness and efficiency. According toKlein et al. (2012), a good and positive attitude is important in the workplace and offer severaladvantages at workplace such as it creates a positive work environment, helps to achieve goalsand objectives, less stress, better health, increases productivity levels, improves customerrelations and make a good team work.The next part of the essay describes the factors of job satisfaction or organizational commitmentwhich affect the behavior of the organization. According toKompaso et al. (2010), jobsatisfaction refers to how well a job provides a fulfillment of a demand and requirement or howwell it serves as a source of enjoyment. There are some factors in job satisfaction such asworking conditions, regards from co-workers and an open door for advancement whichdetermine organizational behavior. The working conditions have a major impact where attitudesdetermine behaviors at work. Employees spend a great portion of their potential in theorganization and it is important for organizations to give advance employment atmosphere. Fewcases of good working conditions are giving open work limits and satisfying work places signify
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