Marketing Research Report Of Super Bag Company


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The purpose of marketing research to discover consumers’ needs.The company” Super bag” was established in February 16th,2009 in Philadelphia. The company was formed by 2 brothers James and John Adkins, where John is operative director. ,,The technological process is fully automated. Offers environmentally friendly, non-toxic and sustainable products such as bags and backpacks. The company’s each step is taken in accordance with long term value, company’s growth, and balancing a healthy relationship with partners. The company has launched new product-backpack “Health». The backpack “Health «has orthopedic system at the back ,so it can be worn for a long time without damaging your back ,and air pillow, which provides proper circulation of air and prevents your back from sweating. Injection-molded shoulder straps create flexible points to alleviate clavicle and pressure point strain and neck pain.And finally a build-in lanyard cord with standard headphone jack. The people who travel a lot will truly enjoy this important feature. Only backpack “Health” has this feature.Designed with two large zip compartments ,the main compartment features a floating,padded 15” laptop sleeve and the front compartment features an internal organization panel to stash smaller items.It has one bottle pocket andtwo side pockets for stationery. The backpack made from waterproof material and has high capacity which can be ajust. Color: black and purple. Size;48’35’’22’’. Volume;37 liters. The company set a reasonable price for the product so all kind of people can afford to buy this backpack.The company wants to develop and introduce a new Product to the market. We conducted survey of themarket to have an idea about our market and our customers wants , needs and demands. We randomly selected 25 people of different age, education, income and ethnicity for our survey.This information help us to know about the current market and prospect of our product. In order to profitably satisfy customer needs,the company must understand internal and external situation including the market environment, the customers and their own capabilities. The 5C analysis is a very complete analysis of the internal and external aspects of business. A useful framework to analyze the company is the SWOT-analysis,which stands for S-Strength,W-Weakness,O-Opportunity,T-Threats.SWOT-analysis:Strength:1.Positive image of the company2.Strong distribution channels3.Optimal Advertising Expenditure4.Positive tendency5.Optimal quantity of information about the company in mass media.6.Reasonable priceWeakness:1.The firm has limited cash flow.2.There is no direct association of the company with the customers that affect the sales.3.There is no structure policy to promote the product to the market.

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