The Requirements of Workplace Health and Safety

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Ethics, Professionalism and Governance1Professional Practice in ITNameCourseInstitutionDate
Ethics, Professionalism and Governance2Case Study 11 AnalysisDiscussionWith regards to the Australian legislation, the identified case of Pico’s PC manufacturingcompany falls under the cases that are reviewed by the Safe Work Australia policies for thepurpose of ensuring that the safety and health of employees are maintained (Work Health andSafety 2017). As a national policy, the management of Pico should ensure that it meets therequirements of Workplace Health and Safety as available in the regulations and acts ofAustralia. One of the major offences likely to be made by the management of Pico includesindulging workers in activities that may be of severe health implications and complications(Work Health and Safety 2017). Forcing workers to glare into brightly illuminated objects, asrealized from the medical reports, would lead to blindness or damaged eyesight. Forcingworkers into such activities would attract penalties for the company. In case the management ofPico proceeds to the execution of its project, the following Acts and regulations would bebreached: i)ACT’s Work Health and Safety Act of 2011ii)NSW’s Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011iii)NT’s National Uniform Legislation Act of 2011iv)Western Australia’s Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 v)Queensland’s Work Health and Safety Act of 2012Breach of the ACS Professional Conducta)Public Interest PrimacyRegarding this particular code, it should be noted that the views and the interests of thecommunity around Pico should supersede private or personal interests. If in any case there

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