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The system you will build has a number of related modules which are listed below;1. Login Module2. Games Management3. Competitors Management4. Events Management5. Reports managementThe detailed functionality of each module is provided in the following sections.1)Login ModuleThis module will provide login functionality for the two predefined users, namely, Adminand Score Manager. Admin will be able to access Competitors and Games managementmodules, whereas Event manager will be able to access Events and Reports managementmodules. Both users will be able to login into the system using username and password,can perform their required tasks and then log out of the system. You don’t need todevelop add/edit/delete functionality for this module, rather, the UserID, UserName,UserPassword and UserType will be stored directly in the database.The main fields that describe a login module include;1. UserID (1 & 2)2. UserEmail (admin@ecu.com & event@ecu.com)3. UserPassword (Admin#1 & Event#1 )4. UserType (0 for Admin, 1 for Event Manager )Business RulesThe only valid combination of username and password should allow access to thesystem.Once logged in, admin should be able to access Competitors and Gamesmanagement modules only, whereas Event manager should be able to accessEvents and Reports management modules only.2)Games Management (Add/edit/delete)This part of the application allows you to add, edit and delete games information from thedatabase. You need to create records for at least 3 games namely running, cycling andswimming.The main fields that describe this module include;1. Game_ID2. Game_Code3. Game_Name4. Game_DurationInHours5. Game_Description (Short description about the game)6. Game_RulesBooklet (PDF or Word Document for upload)Business RulesThere can be only one instance of a game in the systemGame Code must be 7 characters in length and a mixture of 4 uppercasecharacters and 3 numeralsValidation for blank Game_Name, Game_Code, and Game_RulesBooklet
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3)Competitors Management (Add/edit/delete)This part of the application allows the system user to add, edit and delete competitor’sinformation from the database. You need to create records for at least 25 competitors.The main fields that describe this module include;1. Competitor_ID2. Competitor_Salutation3. Competitor_Name4. Competitor_DoB5. Competitor_Email6. Competitor_Description (Short commentary about competitor -100 words)7. Competitor_Country8. Competitor_Gender9. Competitor_ContactNo10. Competitor_Website (if any)11. Competitor_PhotoAdditionally, each competitor can participate in various games (many-to-manyrelationship). Therefore, this module will capture this information in a separate table foreach new competitor added to the database.1. Game_ID2. Competitor_IDBusiness RulesThere can only be one instance of a competitor’s email in the tableValidation required for blank competitor’s name, country, gender, valid emailA competitor has to participate in at least one game.4)Events Management (Add/Delete)This part of the application allows you to add and delete event information.The main fields that describe this module include;1. Event_ID2. Game_ID3. FeatureEvent4. EventVenu5. EventDate6. EventStartTime (On Web Form, Pre-Populate it using system information)7. EventEndTime (On Web Form, Pre-Populate it using game duration information)8. EventDescription (Short description about event – Max 100 words)9. WorldRecordThis module will also record the outcome of the event i.e.1. Event_ID2. Competitor_ID3. Competitor_Position (1st,2nd,3rd,4th .... )4. Competitor_Medal (Gold, Silver, Bronze – otherwise No)Additionally, the following information is also captured for each event in a separate table1. Photo_ID2. Event_Photo (Store the path of uploaded image path)
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