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THE WIRELESS FESTIVALTaking the European Musical Phenomenon to Australia
THE WIRELESS FESTIVAL:OVER THE YEARSOver the years, different artists, musical groups andcontemporary musicians have performed on the stage of theWireless Festival, which have contributed significantly inincreasing their popularity. The Festival, in spite of being aregional phenomenon, occurring in United Kingdom only,however, has been gaining increasing popularity and attentionof the media from all parts of the world. The primary reasonbehind the increasing popularity of the festival is that it bringsin the performances of phenomenal musical personalities fromall parts of the world and provides the opportunity to theviewers to see the live performances of their favorite musicalidols.The vast varieties of musical performances, interestingevents, attractive performance line ups, huge promotionalactivities and brand sponsorships all contribute to theincreasing fan following of the Wireless Festival as can be seenfrom the huge crowd of audience, especially from the youthpopulation of the country, which the event attracts year afteryear (Morey et al. 2016). The festival also provides platformfor the musical talents from all parts of the world, which bringsthem fame and further opportunities in their music career.Given the rising fame of the Wireless Festival and theincreasing number of audiences it has been attracting inEngland, with each passing year, there remains huge scopes ofexpansion of the operational area of the festival to other partsof the world, to cater to the music loving population present in.TheWireless Festival: England(Source: 2018)The Wireless Festival, one of the most prestigious and widely popular musicfestivals of the United Kingdom, takes place in London, England every year. Thefestival started in 2005 and is currently owned and managed by Live nation. Over theyears, it has been sponsored by many prestigious companies, which include thetelecommunication brand O2, followed by Barclaycard and Yahoo!. The Festival, hasover the years, taken place in different parts of the country, with a usual span of threedays. In 2015, in the honor of a decade of the festival, another extra day of musicalevents was added. The Wireless Festival is known and liked for providing a platformfor showcasing music from all parts of the world, especially European and American.THE WIRELESS FESTIVAL:OVER THE YEARS
PROSPECTS OF THE WIRELESS FESTIVAL IN AUSTRALIATo analyze the prospect of the Wireless Festival in countries other than United Kingdom, especially in Australia, which has been taken as the potentialcountry for expansion of the same Festival, it is of extreme importance to analyze the inherent traits of the festival, including the advantages and disadvantages of theoperational framework and the nature of its activities as well as the threats and weaknesses it is subjected to and the opportunities which the Festival has in thecoming years. To analyze the same, an extensive SWOT analysis of the Wireless Festival is conducted in this section, taking into consideration the need to have aclear overview of the situations and economics patterns of the event in order to plan the future business expansion of the same.SWOT Analysis of the Wireless FestivalStrengthsGlobal platform to celebrate musicAttracts huge crowd from all parts of the United KingdomAttracts tourists visiting the countryProvides platforms for all types of artists without any race orethnicity-based discriminationHas financial backings in the form of sponsorships and promotionalactivities of reputed companies from all parts of the worldReceives immense media attention especially in the UKCollects huge revenue in the form of ticket feesInternational acculturation happens and different regional and artistsand musical bands get exposure to showcase their talents and theircountry and its culture in front of a global audienceWeaknessesThe festival occurs only in the United KingdomThe genre of music mainly remains constricted to rock and pop,thereby limiting the varieties of performancesThe festival mainly attracts youth population of the country who arespecifically interested in several specific genres of music or are fans ofsome specific musical personalities (Botelho-Nevers and Gautret2013)Ticket prices are considerably high, thereby raising affordabilityissuesSeveral instances of misconducts as well as breach of safety of boththe performers as well as the audiences have occurred, whichquestions the security arrangements of the festivalDeficiency of accommodation or hospitality of the tourists whospecifically come to attend the showsDoes not usually promote the regional music of other countriesDeficiency of proper of emergency and health care services which isrequired for such a huge crowd which the festival attracts
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