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NUR1201 Thesis Statement On Australian Governance | Nursing Profession

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University of Southern Queensland


Nursing (NUR1201)


Added on  2020-02-18

NUR1201 Thesis Statement On Australian Governance | Nursing Profession


University of Southern Queensland


Nursing (NUR1201)

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Running head: PARTNERING IN HEALTHCAREPARTNERING IN HEALTHCAREName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
NUR1201 Thesis Statement On Australian Governance | Nursing Profession_1
1PARTNERING IN HEALTHCAREA healthcare professional is an individual who has the responsibility to prevent, cure andalso promote healthcare services in a systematic and sequential manner to patients, families oreven communities. The thesis statement is that nursing profession according to Australiangovernance should provide patient centered care involving families and developing a properpartnership with all stakeholders along with healthcare team members to assure empowerment ofthe patients. It also states nurses to make patients active participants in their care. The carecomprises of the teams to follow proper ethics, standards and communication among allstakeholders to maintain best quality care and ensure patient satisfaction and patient safety at thesame time of going over their races, caste, creed and religion. The following assignment willshow the importance of such a practice and will link with the incidences and experience of Mr.Taylor to develop a better understanding of the concept.Patient centered care is a form of practice of present day nurses where nurses adopttreatment ways which are not only meaningful but at the same time they are valuable to theindividual patients. The nurses should provide care to the patient which would be respectful aswell as responsive to the concerned patient’s preferences, values, and needs and also ensure thatthe patient is included in all the clinical decisions made for him (Ignatavicus & Workman, 2015).The main principles of a person centered acre are respecting the patients’ preferences, providingher with physical as well as emotional support, providing him with information and education,involvement of family members and friends and many others. Patient and family centered care isan approach where a nurse should plan, deliver and evaluate healthcare by engaging in mutuallybeneficial partnerships with other healthcare member’s and patients and families. In thisapproach, families take an active part by participating in the care plan for the patient and also indecision making along with the professionals (Osborn et al., 2014). Maintaining dignity and
NUR1201 Thesis Statement On Australian Governance | Nursing Profession_2
2PARTNERING IN HEALTHCARErespect of the family members of the patients, informing them about different information,sharing valuable data, encouraging their participation and collaboration are some of theimportant principles of the approach. Developing a care in partnership with patient, family andother healthcare members will help in fostering optimal health and wellness for the patientensuring the best treatment and effective participation from all members ensuring a qualityservice and proper maintenance of patient safety and dignity (Rathert, Wyrich & Boren et al.,2013). Mr. Taylor in his interview had revealed of his experiences when he had bothexperienced patient centered care during his iron infusion where the nurse stayed by his side andprovided him both physical and mental support during the entire procedure making himcomfortable and less anxious. Moreover, his healthcare team also had helped him to rightlyeducate him about his medication which had helped him understand the rationale behind usinghis medicines (Lusk & Fater, 2013). These had helped him to maintain his self esteem and hisincluding into the healthcare teams’ decisions had helped to maintain his dignity and autonomy.As he was properly educated about his disorders and management of the disorders, he was moreconfident about his own self. This confidence helped him leading a better quality life. However,she had also faced several issues in care. He had been rudely handled by the surgeon who statedhis conditions as old rags. This humiliated him making him feel embarrassed (Auerbach et al.,2013). Each and every professional healthcare team member should be courteous and soft spokento the patients who are already in stress and distress rather invoking fear and hopelessness in thepatients as this might result in negative aspects on the patient’s health. Form the patient’sexperience, it is very clear that every nurses need to understand the patients’ situation and hisagony and anxiety from his point of view before developing a care plan. She should never be
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