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Title [Give your research project a title, which clearly

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Title[Give your research project a title, which clearly outlines what the study in the week17 handout was looking to study. For quantitative reports the title needs to incorporate thevariables being studied, both the independent and dependent variables. Titles should notusually exceed 12 words] (see slides 5 from the workshop 6 writing the 250PY report)
Abstract:Outline of the study[your abstract is a summary of the 4 main sections of your researchreport, you are recommended to complete this section last once you have completed the restof the report. The abstract needs to provide a clear but concise statement of the topic beingstudied, and in quantitative research needs an outline of the hypothesis, a statement of whatis predicted. The abstract should also summarise key aspects of the methods for the study sothat the reader knows what was done. The abstract should then go on to summarise thefindings of the study, and finally a statement as to what the outcome of the study means interms of its implications. Please look at slide 7 the ‘Workshop 6 Writing the 250PY report’ inthe week 6 folder for details].
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