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TLM Agency, Inc. Critical Roles for Start-up.

Added on - 26 Sep 2019

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TLM Agency, Inc. Critical Roles for Start-upFor my company TLM Agency, Inc. I will need to hire experienced individuals for my start-upteam because we’re a marketing and advertising company, it’s essential to specified thenecessary experience and qualifications to be outline in a job advertisement. Since I’m the CEOof TLM Agency, Inc. I will primarily have an outward role in my organization. I will be meetingwith potential key investors, partners and other strategic advisors. Once I’m staff with the Chiefsof my departments, I will also take the time out and learn to gain experience in each department.I want to be a CEO that knows the company in and out and know how to handle otherresponsibilities. I definitely want to be knowledgeable in all areas of my business. The criticalroles are as follow:CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) In this role, this person would be in charge of allmarketing and sales driven activities of the business. This person would need to have aBachelor’s degree in Communications or similar degree, with at least five years ofexperience in marketing and/or sales proven skills. Preferably experience from the sameline of business a marketing or advertising agency.CFO (Chief Financial Officer) In this role, this person would be in charge of all financial,accounting, budgeting, cash management and reporting decisions. This person will needto have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or financial management and at least five yearsof experience in accounting roles or similar.CTO (Chief Technology Officer) In this role, this person will be in charge of alltechnology decisions for the company. This person will need to have a Bachelor’s degreein Information Systems or similar with at least ten years of experience working in anyindustry IT roles with advanced technology. This person will also need to have some sortof experience in Information Security to protect all the company’s information.Within each role, I will give my Chief Officers the sole responsibility to hire at least one to twopeople to start with handling the daily responsibilities of the organization. The roles will bemarketing and sales professionals, payroll and accounting clerks and IT technicians. Each personin these roles will need to have experience in these areas because I want to build a strong team totake the company in the direction I want it to go. I will also hire a PRN as needed, eventplanning specialist for special events jobs we would acquire. Since special events aren’t on arolling basis for my organization as of yet, this person would be on call when needed. In thisrole, this person would need to have at least two years of experience in event planning forcorporate and entertainment with proven skills.
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