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TOURISM AND TRAVEL2Key heritage conceptsIntroductionHeritage is a broad and complex concept and so no specific definition fits it. It cantherefore be defined as that which is evolving from past generations into the present and iscarried forward into the future generations. It encompasses the objects and qualities like thecultural believe and traditions passed down from the past generations. It is therefore imperativeto focus on its historical nature and its development practices. Every society carries a uniqueheritage and some choose to carry them forward while others abandon them but either way theyboth narrate to others their relationship with their past.Development of heritage is very crucial in the long run. Its advancement has beenachieved through the publications on such heritage by experts in the field of heritage studies.Transformation in the medieval sense of heritage has been as a result of various factors such astechnological improvements and alteration arising from diversity in what people undergo invarious regions among others such as changes due to colonialism.Heritage is commonly linked to museums studies, professionalism and heritagepractitioners who eventually see to the development of heritage and its conservation to thepresent[CITATION dil14 \p 42 \l 1033 ].Some economists however argue that heritage contributesprofusely to restructuring the world economy since 1970s. Apparently understanding thetransformations in the world economy requires more elaborate and broad historical analysiswhich heritage studies cannot portray such as contemplating past simple tracks of the entirelineage.
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