Tourism and Travel Management Solved Assignment

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Tourism and Travel:It consists of two thingsclosely dependent on each other i.e. travel andtourism. It deals with moving of people from oneplace to other for any purpose like, for vacation trip,for business purpose, etc. It is considered asbackbone of hospitality industry as all other, likefood and accommodation, lodging, entertainment orfun activities, etc. are mostly depends on thisbusiness (Bharwani and Mathews, 2016). So themain focus of hospitality industry is to increase tourand tourism as when people travel from place toplace they need to spend money on differenthospitality services in form of money fortransportation, food, shelter, etc. Different modes oftransportation are there for offering best experiencein travelling like trains, cruise ships, airlines, etc.Hospitality industry is emerging as one of mostprofitable industry in the different parts of world. Thisincludes a variety of business aim at providingfacilities and services to customers. The mainactivities included in hospitality industry are relatedwith providing accommodation, food and beverage,transportation, entertainment, event planning, gamingand all other products and services mainly related totourists and travellers (Bharwani and Jauhari, 2017.).The main business included in hospitality industry areas follows:Food and accommodation:This mainly includeshotels and restaurants offering services related to foodand beverages, accommodation and shelter alsoincludes housekeeping and other related services. It isconsidered as the largest segment or area of hospitalityindustry. It ideals with activates related with preparingmeals, snacks, beverages and providing a safe,comfortable accommodation. Overall it aims atenhancing or increasing customers experience byproviding best food and excellent customers services.P1 Types of business within the hospitality industryHospitality industry is becoming one of the mostfast growing and flourishing industry in across theworld. It had become a major revenue generator formany economies of different countries. The mainaim of hospitality sector is to assist or providesupport and help to other sectors of economy. Thehospitality includes all actions carried down forsatisfying customers and aim at providing a feelingof being special in minds of customers.INTRODUCTIONThe Contemporary Hospitality Industry
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