Understanding Linux Report.

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Understanding Linux ReportClearly state your results for this project. You are expected to hand in a report in the following format:A Cover Page including:oLab titleoCourse, section number, and instructor nameoYour name and email addressUse double-spaced type for convenient gradingNumber pages. Font size 12. Single column.Save the Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) document with your name in the title. Upload the document into the appropriate submission area.The report should have the following sections.Each section should cover all the topics described below (you do not need to itemize each topic). Take screenshots if it is necessary:Section I: IntroductionYou should cover the following topics: Describe the goal and motivation of this project. In addition to what has been stated in the project instruction, please explain your own expectations in this project.Section II: Task 1 - Navigating the Linux File systemYou should cover the following parts:Briefly describe the Linux operating system.Describe the commands you tried (e.g. cd, man, ls), their main functionality, and their most important options. Provide screenshots of two commands.Section III: Task 2 - the CHMOD commandYou should cover the following parts:Briefly describe CHMOD.Provide screenshots of your “Hello World!” script.Section IV: Task 3 - Setting PermissionsYou should cover the following parts:Provide screenshots (and comment on them) of Step 1 and Step 4.

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