BAM4005 Finance for Business Assignment

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UNIVERSITY OF BOLTONBOLTON BUSINESS SCHOOLBusiness Management ProgrammeModule Name and number:Finance for BusinessBAM4005Tutor:Nurun NaharAssignment Number:002 (S2 2016/17)Assignment weighting:70%Assignment Title:Investments Financial AnalysisAssignment Length:2,500 words (including presentation & report)Issue Date:March 2017Submission Deadline:Presentation will be held on Tuesday 16thof May2017 from 9:00amALL materials for Task 1 must be submitted on2ndof May 2017 and Task 2 on Tuesday 16thofMay 2017.Learning OutcomesThis assessment satisfies the following learning outcomes as specified in yourmodule guide.No.Learning OutcomesAssessment Criteria2Demonstrate the skills and knowledge tointerpret financial statementsgroup presentation and report4Demonstrate an understanding of the roleof financial information in businessdecision presentation and reportPlease submit this form with the completed assessment. Ensure that each page of yourof assessed work bears your student identification numbers,but not names.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We declare this submission to be our own work.‘Signed’(student numbers of group members).......................................................Page1of8
Date..............................................................................Financial AnalysisRole and ScenarioYou have been appointed as a trainee business analyst. You are required to work aspart of a group of trainees and prepare an analysis of a company and to review aninvestment opportunity for a client business.The group must havebetween 3 and 5 members.The creation of the groups will be managed by students themselves.An agreement to work together must be signed by all members of the group inWeek 10 (in class)The agreement will also record details of the company selected by the group.Completion of the agreement will be reviewed after the presentationPeer review sheets will be used to agree the allocation of credit between themembers of each group.Task 1 (50%) Analysis of Financial StatementsAs a group you should select a company from theFTSE 350from an industrialsector.You will need to obtain a copy of the most recent annual report/accounts.Each group must select a different company. are required to use the information provided in the company’s current report andsummarise it for the benefit of potential investors, who will be invited to attend a shortpresentation provided by your group.You have also been asked to assess the relevanceof annual reports in general. They do not know why companies go to all the trouble ofproducing these quite bulky and often complicated documents.Prepare a presentation, based on the contents of the annual report, to be made to aninvited group of potential investors. The presentation will be for 15 minutes (you will NOTbe allowed to overrun) and will be followed by 10 minutes of questions. You may wish toconsider the following:Working capital requirementForm /mix of existing financeFinancial performanceThe clarity and usefulness of the information provided by the companyPage2of8
Task 2 (50%) Management Report (Cusson’s Limited).Your line Manager Mrs Cooper has instructed you toprepare a review of a potentialinvestment opportunity.She has advised you toprovide all relevant documents and/orspreadsheets setting out your workings.The task is an open request for help and guidance. Using the data provided, you shouldprovide the company with a clear financial analysis making appropriate use oftechniques and theory from your learning materials.You are required to provide management with information in whatever form/style youconsider to be the most suitable to answer the task.Concepts and theories must beexplained in relation to the topics covered. As part of the task you mayconsider thesensitivity of the investment and non-financial aspects of the decision.The report (demonstrating professional skills) must be submitted in week 15.Company InformationThe accountant at Dynasty Limited Mr Sean Penn has been arrested suddenly and isnot expected to return for some time.The Managing Director is seeking guidance in reviewing two capital projects thecompany are considering with the aim of delivering increased profits for distribution toshareholders.He has a limited knowledge on capital investment appraisal but does understand thatthere are a number of techniques that can be used to assist in the decision makingprocess.He is expecting your group toapply as many techniques as is practicalandto make aclear recommendation.To assist his understanding he has also requested that thestrengths and weaknesses ofthe various techniques are fully evaluatedtogether withyour view as to the usefulness ofcapital investment appraisal.The information is provided on the next page.Page3of8
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