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Urban Tourism Tourism in Hongkong

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Added on  2020-02-24

Urban Tourism Tourism in Hongkong

   Added on 2020-02-24

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Urban tourism
Tourism is one of the growing industries in the world with various kinds of benefits
attached with it. People travel across the world for various such as for trading, business, leisure,
higher education and for various other works. However, it was seen that the urban areas of the
country was not looked up as a tourism place. Recently, it has been noticed that due to increasing
globalization and the declining status of the manufacturing sector, urban tourism is gaining much
importance by the policy makers. Urban tourism is a type of tourist activities in which the
destination city receives the main importance. In urban tourism, cities are considered as a main
place for tourist attraction where people travel for various reasons. It has been a growing industry
since 90s and a lot of research has been conducted on this ground.
Hong Kong history
Hong Kong is now as one of the most developing economy worldwide. Recently it has
been serving as eh biggest center for international trade and has been experiencing a huge
amount of refugees especially from China. This has made Hong Kong as a growing hub for
service industry and a large gateway for largest market of the world. This changing structure of
the city and fast expansion of trade industry is mainly due to law followed by the government of
the country. Hong Kong has a free trade and independent toe economy for everyone. Thus, it can
be seen that the city is continuously changing in its industry and culture (Discoverhongkong
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Tourism industry in Hong Kong
Tourism industry is noticed to be one of the fast expansion industries of Hong Kong.
Such expansion is mainly due to the free trade opportunity that the city offers and the increasing
immigration into the city. The economy has been experiencing a fast growth in tourists since it
moved to a service sector economy in 1990s. Hong Kong Tourism Board has estimated the the
total visitors of 36 million in 2010. This shows that there was an increase in the flow of tourist
into the city by 21.8 percent compared to 2009. The city has also maintained a good quality of
hotels and guest houses for the tourists. Hong Kong is also termed as a city of charm with a lot of
cultural diversity and high standard lifestyle. The major tourist attraction sites of Hong Kong are
The Peak, Giant Buddha, Ocean Park, Repulse Bay, Disneyland and many others. the city also
offers natural beauty and a spectacular scenery (Tourism 2017).
Current issue in Hong Kong tourists and shopping attraction
Hong Kong has been recently experiencing a lot of problem in its tourist industry due to
various reasons such as anti-mainland thoughts of the people, Hong Kong dollar and the
migration of people from its mainland. The mainland visitors have been falling over the years by
4.6 percent. The shopping tourism is also experiencing a fall in the recent years especially from
the mainland visitors. There was a time when Hong Kong gained maximum of their revenue
from the shopping outlets. However, tourists are disappearing and the retail sector is on greater
threat. Such a fall in the tourist in the shopping sector is due to a number of external factors and
changing environment. In 2015, the city has experienced a shrink in its customer from tourist
sector by one-third compared to previous years (South China Morning Post (2017).
Urban Tourism Tourism in Hongkong_3
Aim and objectives
The aim of the paper is to analyze the condition of the tourism and shopping tourism in
Hong Kong.
The objective of the paper are:
To analyze the urban tourism industry in Hong Kong
It will further analyze the recent issues faced by the urban tourism sector of the city and
the pattern of tourist demand for shopping in Hong Kong.
The research will include both secondary and primary data analysis.
Secondary data will be analyzed using the work of the past literature and the information
available in the internet about urban tourism of Hong Kong.
Research Question
What is the condition of the tourism and shopping industry of Hong Kong:
Null Hypothesis
H1- growth in tourism and shopping industry in Hong Kong is slowing down over the years.
Alternative hypothesis
HA- tourism and shopping industry in Hong Kong is growing at a faster rate.
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