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About Vodafone
Vodafone is the acronym of Voice
Data Fone
Vodafone is the largest mobile
telecommunication network company
of the world which is also the third
largest telecommunication
Corporation in Britain
This company is the largest in all over
the world in terms of revenue which is
4,657.1 billion EUR (Forbes, 2019).
This UK based company has been
operating in the world for more than
30 years (Vodafone.com, 2019).

Marketing strategies
Segmentation targeting and positioning model is a strategic
approach in the modern marketing.
It identifies bases for segmentation and determine all the
important characteristics of every market segment.
The market targeting evaluates potential as well as commercial
attractiveness of every segments and select one and more
segments to explore

Marketing strategies: segmenting
Vodafone segments the market of the world on the
basis of following categories-
Income and age
Service usage
Nature of customer
Service usage
Nature of customer
Service tenure
Geographical conditions (Webb, 2013)

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