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1WebsiteWebsiteIntroduction A website simply called as the site is a combination of related web pages identified with a domain name. Websites can be accessible via public internet protocol known or IP networks such as the internet or via a LAN or private local area network by referring URL that identifies the particular site. A website can be used variously and have many functions. A website can be used as government website, personal website, commercial website, and non-profit organization website. Every website serves a particular purpose such as providing entertainment, social networking, news, and education.In this study, GOOGLE has been selected to answer the questions.What is the intended audience for this website? Answer: the intended audience of Google is every single human being on this planet. Google is asearch engine used by almost every person to search for many things. According to the CEO of Google, every person on this planet is the intended audience of the Google. He said we have to reach every single person in this world. Everyone ranges from student to scholar, labor to management, the general public to the leader, white to black, and male to female uses Google. How have the creators of the website adjusted their tone to reach this audience? Answer: the tone of the organization to reach the target audience is a major determinant of the success and failure of the marketing strategy of that organization. Google analyzed the need of the customers and built its marketing tone based on the need of the customers. It adjusted the website according to the need of the customers and provided them what they needed. Google
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