Defining Data Elements for Amazon's Business Processes


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1.What are the specific steps an organization in your chosen industry wouldfollow to identify the core business processes essential to the success of thebusiness ?Amazon business process is based on three operations - Browsing -: search and recommend the product and browse by category. Management of account -: regular checking of user shopping cart , stock of sellers Shop -: find the product , send it to shopping basket , finally make purchase A business process is a set of activities that will help in the accomplishment oforganizational goal. Business Process Management is a systematic approach which helpsin making the workflow of organization more effective as well as more efficient andorganization become more capable to adapt the changes in this dynamic environment(Chamberlain, n.d.)..Business process is a link between an organization’s business and organization’s ITdepartment.1
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Some examples of business processes of AMAZON -:Receive the orders , invoice and shipping the products , updation in employee’sinformation.Business processes depends upon the objectives of the organization. To identify businessprocesses amazon has these steps -1. Visualization - functions and processes of the organization2. Measurement - find out effective measures 3. Examine - analyze all the stimulation for improvement4. Improvement - identify and applying the improvement5. Controlling - facilitating improvement by use of user defined dashboards and realtime analytics and save the complete information about performance so that a reportcan be prepare for further improvement6. Reengineering - give new and improved form for better results2
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If Amazon wants to identify it’s business processes in terms of revenue that how muchrevenue can be generated from the business processes and how much profit can be makeby it. There are following steps to identify core business processes of Amazon. Theseare as follows -SEVEN steps to identify core business processes -Step 1 - Create business modelStep 2 - Develop process MapStep 3 - Analyse financial statementsStep 4 - Fix speed of taskStep 5 - Define LeverageStep 6 - Review a case study of core business processes Step 7 - Create a gap analysis3
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2.What are the specific steps an organization would take to identify theappropriate data elements used to support those core business processes , once thecore business processes have been identified ?Data elements are those that provides meaningful information or lengthy description intoa short form or code (El-Sawy, 2001). To gather the full set of requirements followingquestions is considered by Amazon- Who are the individual , group and organization of interest ?Why is data is needed ?What functions need to be analyzed ?When does the data need to be recorded ?Where do relevant processes occur? 3.Steps to identify data elements which support Amazon’s business processes- Plan the data -Develop a business model as well as processes4
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