Assignment on Working With People From Diverse Backgrounds

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Running head: WORK WITH PEOPLE FROM DIVERSE BACKGROUNDSWorking with people from diverse backgroundsName of Student:Name of University:Author’s Note:
1WORKING WITH PEOPLE FROM DIVERSE BACKGROUNDSTask 1:Answer 1.a)At the time of working with culturally diverse people there needs to be proper awarenessabout one’s own cultural background, experiences, attitudes, values and also the biases. In orderto understand different cultures an individual needs to keep his or her own values intact. Self-reflection is extremely crucial to the cross culture learning process. It usually is possible bygaining proper knowledge about the different dimensions of culture and developing a baselinefor effective comparisons about cultural differences so that the peaceful coexistence of peoplefrom all cultures is possible. There should always be proper understanding and confidence inone’s own cultures, in order to maintain a proper balance at the workplace. Self reflection andunderstanding is crucial. There should also be an appreciation of the existent differences of thecultures as all of them contribute to the society and its proper advancement.Answer 1.b)In order to improve the ability to enhance social awareness, there should be a consciouseffort to interact with the people of different cultures. In case interaction is established people ofdifferent cultures the characteristics and the good and bad points are understood clearly.Different cultures have different norms and criteria of allegiance thus improving on the quality ofsocial awareness. The observational skills should be improved as this is a reliable tool in thedevelopment of sensitivity and understanding towards cultures.
2WORKING WITH PEOPLE FROM DIVERSE BACKGROUNDSAnswer 2:At a time when practices understand that a culturally diverse workforce is important forthe workplace several advantages benefit from it. The most important advantage is the increasedproductivity and the ignition of loyalty. The solutions arise which are more in number asdifferent and diverse minds think together. It helps to build synergy in teams and enhances theposition of the organisation. It also helps to create a diverse customer base by relating to thepeople in different backgrounds. A diverse and accepting workforce is a place for ensuring thesuccess of the business (Purnell 2014).Answer 3.a):Creating a work environment which is conduciveis important in order to make theemployees feel well treated and cared for. In case the employees are well treated, they feelvalued and gain interest in their work as they feel more comfortable. In case the workforce isempowered they work better and contribute better to the workplace. There is a developedcompetitive advantage in the workplace. The workplace should also secure mental well being ofthe employees due to the proper management of stress and the balance of the day to daypressures of work and requirements of personal life. The prevention of overwork is alsonecessary as the proper rationalisation of the work hours is important (Patrick and Kumar 2012).Answer 3. b)Cultural competence basically refers to the increased workplace communication and theproper amount of understanding of the individuals from all cultures. It leads to the differentmethods of thinking of a task and the analysis helps in the different outlooks towards a particularmatter or a work at hand. Different methods of thinking of different employees can often lead to
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