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        Programming assignment help

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        What is Programming

        Programming is a set of instructions given to the computer that is written in computing languages that are processed by the CPU. The aim is to find the set of instructions that will automatically enable the task. Programming is mostly used by software developers, engineers, security hackers, etc.

        Programming assignment help makes it easier for the students to understand the way to write clean codes that are easy to read and execute. The most widely used computer languages are C++, Java, Python, and HTML/CSS. Following is the overview of each language that Desklib’s programming assignment help will cover.

        The subjects that the programming coursework covers:


        C++ is one of the most widely used languages among programmers. C++ is efficient in running machine-level programs to sophisticated applications, hence, it is called a middle-level language. The basic syntax of C and C++ are the same. It is an object-oriented programming language, which makes it more efficient and easy-to-use than C.


        Java is a high-level language, in which the code is compiled to a byte-code and then Java Virtual Machines (JVM) is used for running the compiled code, making it platform-independent. Java is an object-oriented language and is suitable for developing high-quality web applications and software because of it’s a robust exception and error handling support.

        Python :

        Python is a high-level language and provides immense support to developers, programmers, and researchers with ample amounts of libraries making it one of the most used languages for web development and machine learning. Python syntax is based on indentations which makes it much more readable than java. Python supports object-oriented programming as well.

        HTML/ CSS :

        HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, it is used to develop web-pages by defining the set of structures using tags. HTML is generally used along with CSS and JavaScript. CSS makes the HTML content more presentable by modifying the appearance using attributes and JavaScript is used to change the static behavior of HTML content using Data Object Models (DOM).

        Desklib provides students with an in-depth understanding of programming so that they understand the importance of it and make a prosperous career out of it.

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