Salesforce CPQ: What to Consider and When

Published - 2022-07-29 Business Management
Salesforce CPQ

In order to move a business forward, many companies resort to the use of Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce or CPQ for Salesforce as a tool to increase sales to get the correct pricing in regards to the product. Sales representatives can rapidly and accurately quote costs using CPQ software since they take into account optional options, modifications, quantities, and discounts. Due to its cloud-based platform, Salesforce CPQ offers your sales team simple-to-use software that is accessible on any device. Once you have a direct connection with your CRM, it will enable you to make the most effective sales decisions.

How can CPQ improve its financial performance?

Even while many businesses do not yet use CPQ software, those that do report significant improvements in time, deal size, quotation accuracy, and sales processes.

-  CPQ reduces wasted time

Sales companies must operate more effectively and intelligently if they want to be successful. Examining lean manufacturing concepts, such as removing waste from the production process and implementing them in sales strategies, would be one method to achieve this. In his book, Lean Selling, Robert J. Pryor identified this contemporary selling mindset as follows: The evolving nature of sales is dynamic and ever-evolving. With the usage of CPQ Software, a hike in streamlining the sales process can slash the sales cycle and drive profitable, predictable revenue growth by giving buyers what they really want. 

There are various "gaps in thought" that make it challenging to compare marketing operations to manufacturing processes (which happen away from the client) (which must be customer-centric.) Yet, it is suggested that the two may be compared and that applying lean concepts can boost sales productivity. 

-  To boost transaction size, subject matter experts can use CPQ to identify specialties, add-ons, and choices

Consulting with customers to find solutions to their difficulties is a component of providing value to them. A Subject Matter Expert (SME), a pro in their industry who is knowledgeable about how to address issues and is aware of which solutions will be easiest to implement, should be in charge of every transaction. Many experts advise creating a list of prospective and existing clients who might be experiencing issues similar to those your SME has in order to boost sales. 

Enhanced pro While the majority of salespeople are knowledgeable about their sector, many lack technical understanding of more complicated items or the company's supply chain. In the absence of having an SME on every sales call, CPQ becomes a realistic option. Your customer benefits from SME knowledge due to the fact that the CPQ for manufacturer software is immediately programmed with the specs and options for your products. In order to offer specialties, add-ons, or intricate setups, CPQ Salesforce assists salespeople in posing the appropriate queries. The outcomes are more significant.

-  CPQ boosts sales by offering precise quotes

Going back and forth on prices and configurations is time-consuming for both the salesperson and the customer, which in turn undermines their trust in the organization. The lean sales process is hampered, according to Pryor, by needless waiting times. Your sales team is wasting time if each quote needs to be manually researched and written.

Don't take the chance of losing a business because your sales representatives are unable to tailor the costs to the needs of the clients.

-  CRM's profitability is increased by including CPQ

More profitability is achieved by integrating CPQ with your current CRM, both in terms of higher revenues and improved productivity. According to CSO research cited by Dickie, using CPQ solutions significantly increased firm income. Over 1,000 businesses from around the world participated in the Sales Performance Optimization Study by CSO Insights. When businesses added supplementary tools, like CPQ, to their core CRM functionality to address certain issues, they saw huge revenue increases that went beyond what CRM could handle alone. Similar to this, Salesforce CPQ users are getting a good return on their money.

Benefits of CPQ 

1 - Enables the configuration, pricing, and quote creation processes to be automated.

Salesforce CPQ automatically guarantees that the goods you choose for a quote are relevant and catered to the demands of your customer through the use of smart rules and filters. You will also be able to establish discretionary pricing and see their prices. Once the products and prices have been established, you may quickly create a PDF that has all the quote information.

2 - Aids in streamlining quote production.

The quote must be offered to clients as soon as feasible once the negotiation or sale stage has been reached in order to keep their interest. It is only possible to guarantee that the data will be available when you need it and without errors with the proper setting of this program.

3 - By offering precise and customized quotations, Salesforce CPQ will help you enhance sales.

It is crucial for the client to feel as though they are getting particular treatment when it comes to a quote. Your staff members will be better equipped to mentor new hires because they will have a deeper comprehension of the sales process. Therefore, there is a need for CPQ for hiring managers. You won't have to spend money on paying professionals to instruct them. It will be up to your business to ensure that it has obtained all the data required to tailor the quote as closely as possible to the client's specific requirements. With CPQ, you can quickly provide them with a quote that is accurate and devoid of human mistakes.

4 - You will be able to close sales and generate contracts more quickly.

A client will sign a contract if he accepts the estimate, which is the final document. You can build a flawless document using CPQ. The header, the terms and conditions, and the signature section are just a few examples of the various sections that can be defined and designed using quotation templates. Even better, you can incorporate an electronic signature through which your business confirms the agreement's terms in advance.

5 - A rise in sales representative productivity.

The time it takes sales representatives to create contracts is cut down because of the automation of the quotation process offered by CPQ. This enables them to concentrate more on luring new clients. Additionally, guided sales will highlight all of the goods and services that are best suited to each consumer, favoring cross-selling opportunities.

6 - Automated subscription renewal management

An administrator can set up rules in Salesforce CPQ at the conclusion of each sale to keep track of the products covered by the contract but subject to a subscription's time limit. This can automatically ensure that clients get a contract renewal before their subscription expires.

To Conclude- 

PQ and CPQ aren't just "sales solutions" or "back office solutions," respectively; they're ways for the whole business to turn cumbersome sales processes into lean, effective ones. By adding Salesforce CPQ to already-existing Salesforce services, sales are defined as a process, and teams can concentrate on making the most of their time and resources to streamline and improve the sales process.


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