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Running head- Leadership and Management Leadership andManagement

1Leadership and ManagementIntroduction The concept of Leadership and Management differs from each other in several ways. The management of the organization is responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, directing, as well as controlling. The management has the authority to execute all the above-mentioned tasks, and the management can determine the process and procedures of the organization. The management is also responsible for optimizing patient care. The management is also fiscally responsible. On the other hand, the leader may or may not have an official role of authority. The leader of the organization may not be responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, directing or controlling but the leader may have the capability or power in order to influence and affect others(Bolden, 2016). The leaders can affect the thinking pattern, the process of accomplishing the goals and objectives, the attitude and behavior of the employees, the determination and commitment of the employees through their ability. Interpersonal relationship is the major focus of leaders. The leaders are generally known as coaches, role models, advocates, mentors, etc. The areas where the leader and the management overlap are the following. The leader and the management both are needed to be visionary thinkers. They need to see the future and have forecasting ability. Both are needed to influence the level of motivation and morale of others in order to accomplish the desired goals and objectives (Anderson et al., 2017). Most importantly, both the leader and the management need to have the ability and skills to resolve the conflict as well as the capability to cope with the changes.The goals of the leader and the management overlap because both of them have to accomplish the ultimate goals and objectives of the organization. Both of them have to resolve the conflict within the organization in order to ensure the effectiveness as well as the efficiency of the

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