Decision-making Process and Its Importance- Paper

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Running Head- Consumer Decision Making ChartConsumer Decision-Making Chart
1Consumer Decision Making ChartIntroductionIn this paper, decision-making process and its importance to marketer has been discussed. Howconsumer takes purchase decision by evaluating various factors has been mentioned in thispaper. In order to complete this paper mobile phone has been selected as a product.Consumer Decision Making ProcessIt is the process through which consumer identify its needs and try to collect the relevantinformation about the product he needs, consumer after obtaining the information consumer useto evaluate the alternatives available then finally consumer decide to purchase (Martindale, A.and McKinney, E. 2017).Chart of Consumer Decision making processIn this paper, Example of Purchase decision regarding mobile phone has been taken. Here Zoewho is a junior executive wants to purchase a mobile phone. Below chart demonstrate thepurchase decision of Zoe in regards to the mobile phone.
2Consumer Decision Making Chart1.Need recognitionThis is the first step in the process. The buying process is initiated when the consumer identifiesa problem or need that has to be fulfilled. Need can be triggered by either external or internalstimuli.2.Information SearchAfter recognizing the need to buy mobile phone consumer try to collect information regardingmobile phone according to his requirements.Internal and external source of information – Consumer try recall his previous information whichhe has in his mind. Whereas consumer tries to collect information about the product which is notin his mind yet that is he is unaware of it. So for this, he will take information from friends andfamily members (Solomon et al., 2014).
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