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Running head: Fundamentals of MarketingFundamentals ofMarketing
1Learning organizationLearning organization is the term given to a company which helps to enhance thelearning pattern of the employees so that the organization can easily bring transformation. Theorganization that attains knowledge and innovates in the competitive environment is known as alearning organization. Learning organization gives focus on creating a culture that enhances andsupports continuous learning, critical thinking and also values the employee contribution. It helpsto achieve new knowledge throughout the company for incorporation into the day to dayoperations. The concept of organizational learning was coined through the work and research ofPeter Senge and his colleagues.This concept creates pressure on facing modern companies and assists them to remaincompetitive in the market. Learning organization is not only related to current management trendbut they offer a work environment that is open to creative thoughts and also helps to solve theproblems related to work. A leaning organization focuses on creating its own future and alsoconsiders that learning is an ongoing and creative process for the members and it helps totransform the needs and aspirations of the individual both inside and outside.Learning organization helps to enhance the growth of the companies. In this paper, thediscussion will be made by taking into consideration Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is one of the largestlearning organizations. The company focuses on inventing and implementing new technologiesby considering the lifetime value of their customers as it treats them as long-term assets. PizzaHut is also the company that helps to encourage and facilitates learning so that transformationcan be done on a continuous basis. It also helps to survive and excel in the changing environmentof the market (Boyland & Christiansen, 2015).As Pizza Hut is one of the learning environments so it is seen that it facilitates thegrowth of the company. As the company expands its market it is seen it is due to the learningprocess only. The company acquires new technologies and also the techniques that help toenhance the market share of the company. By taking into consideration Pizza hut it is seen thatthe features of a learning organization are:
2The idea of the learning organization is enhanced by a body of work that is known ascritical thinking. This is a framework that helps the people to evaluate the businesses as boundedobjects. Pizza hut consider this method as it helps people to evaluate the performance of thecompany as a whole. Systematic thinking is known as the cornerstone of a learning organization.The system thinking helps the company to evaluate the relationship between the parts of theincentives and also various disciplines.Pizza hut learns various thinks by other organizations and from the behavior of theindividual. The changes are made by analyzing the thinking pattern of the customers. Personalmastery is the disciplines that are clarified by the employee's personal vision. It also goes beyondthe competency and skills that are involved. If the employees have personal mastery then it canbe easy for the organization to achieve competitive advantage. Personal mastery can be achievedif the organization provides proper training and self-improvement skills. Pizza hut providesproper training to its employees so that the growth can be achieved in an effective manner(Wingrove & Urban, 2017).It is seen that team learning helps to evaluate the performance of the teams and also assistto achieve the overall goals. In Pizza hut team learning helps to build a shared vision and to addcollaboration.Learning organization important for Pizza hut growth as learning organization does notconsider the ad hoc process. It also promotes, facilitates and rewards for collective learning.Learning organization also helps to increase the growth of the company in following ways. Inpizza hut the innovation level is maintained and also the competitive advantage remains in theorganization. Pizza hut also attains the advantage of enhancing the good image by becomingmore people oriented. The qualities of the products are also improved at all levels byconsidering the learning organization. By taking into consideration the learning process it isseen that customer requirements are also linked to the resources (Kashif, Awang, Walsh & Altaf,2015).By analyzing the requirements of the customers the company tries to produce the qualityproducts so that the satisfaction level of the customers can be enhanced effectively. It is seen thatto satisfy the needs of the customers it is important to analyze the requirements so that success
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