Analyse the Effectiveness of Product Development

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TITLE:To analyse the effectiveness of product development and its influence on enhancingcustomers satisfaction. A Case Study on Morrisons Supermarket Plc.INTRODUCTIONProduct development is considered as the most essential aspect of business as it assist inachieving significant growth and success at market area. In this modern business era businessfirms are widely concern on attaining customers satisfaction through offering wide range ofproducts and services at market place(Varley, 2014). Customers satisfaction is consist as themajor aspect which increases the brand image of firm in the mind set of people. MorrisonsSupermarket Plc is the chosen company for this particular project. It is the fourth largest chainof supermarket in the United Kingdom. The major purpose of firm is to produce new products asto enhancing the sales and revenue of firm at market place.TASK 11.1 Formulate and record possible project outline specificationCustomers satisfaction is a key element for each business as organisations are work forfulfilling the desires of people at market place. The buyers are the primary objective of firm asthe whole activity of an organisation is depend on the choice and preference of buyers. Theneeds and preference of customers are changed as per the change originate in the market trend,so it is the prior responsibility of organisation or its higher authority to analyse the market trendin respect to producing more effective and satisfactory goods and services at market place.Morrisons Supermarket Plc is a famous supermarket chain in United Kingdom. The companywas established in the year of 1899 through William Morrisons. It is the public limited companyand deals in variety of products and services at market place(Zimmerman and Blythe, 2013).The headquartered is in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. The essential focused area ofMorrisons Plc is to producing new products in order to grabbing the attention of buyers towardsthe firm or its offered products and services at market area. Research Aim can be defined as themost effective part of research project as the each and every activity of research are based on thedefined aim of the study. It helps the investigator in rendering a significant direction to apply allresearch activities in systematic way as to overcome with the issue of research. The major aim ofthis particular research is :1
“To analyse the effectiveness of product development and its influence on enhancingcustomers satisfaction”. A Case Study on Morrisons Supermarket Plc.The research into thought process is supported on the importance of product developmentand its impact on developing customers contentment. A research project provides theopportunities to the learner to develop their skills and ability in some specified area of study(Gomes, Weber, Brown and Tarba, 2011). The enhancing knowledge of learner helps them inconducting an effective research in their future as to attaining higher growth in their career.Research ObjectivesThis is also an another necessary part of research which is significantly interconnect withthe aim of the research work. Objectives are considered as the specific research actions that areplanned to carry out the research work in appropriate direction. Objectives are available in thesmall statements in which the issue of research are mentioned. Some effective objectives aredescribed as under:To identify the importance of product development within Morrisons.To determine the measures which are adopted by Morrisons as to attaining customerssatisfaction at market place.To ascertain the impact of new product development on increasing organisationalperformance.To recommend various ways through which Morrisons can achieve higher competitiveedge at market place.Research QuestionsResearch questions are considered as the answerable questions which are based on somespecific issue of concern. This section is connected with the objectives of research and helps inconducting the part of literature review in effective manner. Some essential questions of resercahare described as under:What are the importance of product development within Morrisons?What are the measures which are adopted by Morrisons as to attaining customerssatisfaction at market place?What is the impact of new product development on incensing organisationalperformance?2
What are the ways through which Morrisons can achieve higher competitive edge atmarket place.1.2 Factors that contribute to the process of project selectionResearch can be considered as a most crucial element which helps the learner indeveloping the skills and ability through applying an appropriate process for decreasing thechance of conflict as it create issue in success of a particular area of study(Kaplinsky andPosthuma, 2013). An effective step is followed by researcher at the time of conducting anappropriate research project are associated as below:Introduction:This can be delineated as the most necessary part of investigation work as it is thebeginning point of research work. In this an appropriate aim has to be selected in order to furthercontinuing the research work in appropriate direction.Literature Review:This is second and foremost important element of research work as it isbased on the views of various authors and scholars in respect to analyse the need of applying themethod of new product development as to fulfilling the desires of people at market place.Research Methodology:This part is effective in providing a systematic direction to theresearcher to draw valid and reliable outcome. This is based on selection of the nature ofresearch.Data Analysis:In this part, legitimate appraisal will be improved the situation understanding thefeelings of particular individual on chose branch of knowledge.Conclusion and Recommendation:This consist to be the final stage in which an appropriateoutcome of the whole work is discussed in detailed manner. Its opportunity to proposereasonable changes if there is require by examining above data. Alongside this, need to finish upreport by thoroughgoing whole investigation in appropriate way.1.3 Critical review of key referencesLiterature Review enables a researcher to become an expert in the specific area. Thissection helps in conducting an in-depth research through the opinion of various authors andwrites who are giving some of views on the specified area of study(Pettinger, 2013). Thisprovide an effective theoretical frame work in order to completion the research work in effectiveand efficient manner. This section is significantly based on past research as it helps the researchis analysing collective data and information on the specified topic.The importance of product development within Morrisons.3
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