Assignment | Factors Affecting Omani Women Entrepreneur

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Appendix C: Project Specification FormYour Supervisor has approved your PSF.Project Specification Form (PSF)Name:Student ID:Title: Factors Affecting Omani Women Entrepreneur In Muscat in Establishing TheirBusinessesSupervisor:A. Title:Factors Affecting Omani Women Entrepreneur In Muscat in Establishing TheirBusinessesB. Brief description on project background.(. i.e. problem context, rationale, description of problem area, nature of challenge)There are various barriers that have been identify in Oman that are affectingentrepreneur women on establishing their business in Muscat, barriers such asEducational background, Business ideas, ICT knowledge, family support and capital.Understanding the factors that are impacting the orientation of the womentowards or away from business is important as it can guide the government to bringappropriate change in the education mechanism. It will help in improving the position of
women in the society of Oman. It has been found that the lack of understanding of thekey issues that are guiding the suppression of entrepreneurship ability in the women is themajor challenge that needs to be handled. These key issues that warrant the investigationof this research topic is the call for urgent attention to understand the barriers affectingthe Omani women in Muscat as an entrepreneur to be able to establish their ownbusinesses in Muscat.C. Brief description of project objectives.(i.e. scope of proposal, constructs used, limitations and significance).The objective of this study is:1.To identify barriers affecting entrepreneurs Omani women in Muscat.2.To identify if capital is a barrier affecting Omani women in Muscat to establishtheir businesses.3.To identify if family support is a barrier affecting Omani women in Muscat toestablish their own businesses.4.To identify if background knowledge is a barrier affecting Omani women inMuscat to establish their own businesses.5.To investigate and analyse the problems faced by Omani women in Muscat onestablishing their businesses.6.To suggest strategies to effectively overcome these barriers.D. Brief description of the models/theories/concepts that will be used in thisproposal.
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