Integrated Marketing Communications and Advertising Critique


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ASSIGNMENT 4 2Question 1 DecisionsWhat is integrated communications? Integrated marketing communications refers to the use of continuous messaging in bothtraditional and modern marketing mediums and using varied promotional methods as reinforcement to each other (Kim, et al, 2016).Benefits of integrated marketing communicationsDelivering message through the channels of integrated marketing communications increases the popularity and consistency of the brand, this therefore makes the brand more competitive as most consumers prefer buying their commodities from the famous companies whenever they want to purchase the items.Integrated marketing communications have become more famous in the current era of advent technology and digital advertisement media which are cost effective and efficient in the transmission of the messages throughout the world (Kim, et al, 2016). The use of digital devices is also reliable sources of storing the messages and hence can be used over and over.Because of the diverse nature of this marketing strategy, it enhances the transfer of message over wide distance within a very short time to a large number of people.Through integrated marketing communication the massage can be manipulated to suit agiven demographic characteristics of people.The integrated marketing communication reduces the interdepartmental conflicts, reduces the transaction cost and it also maximizes the marketing efforts.Integrated marketing communication initiativesThe most important marketing initiatives are to increase the awareness of the consumers in regard to the presence of various commodities in the market from various companies through the use of digital media (Kim, et al, 2016). Through the use of integrated marketing communication there is an intended plan to maximize the intensity of the marketing while minimizing the cost of the same? These initiatives are important to the

ASSIGNMENT 4 3marketers because it will initiate the increased sale of products at minimal cost leading to a wide profit margin to the manufacturers.Question 2: Advertising critiqueAdverts are used as a marketing strategy by many companies or individuals seeking to create awareness I and concern with the goods that they are selling or the kind of the services that they offer in the market. The effectiveness of any given advert mainly depends on the medium in which it is advertised and the kind of features that are used to design the advert. The two adverts chosen in this case are newspaper adverts obtained from the given internet link; http://relevancesells.com/zLoaderBypass/t1.jpg and http://www.72advertising.com/newspaper-ads.htm. Both the adverts took the entire page of the magazine.The first advert is an advertisement from the Nissan Company creating awareness to thepeople who can afford to buy vehicles on their new car models in the market. The communication objective in the advert is creating a notion of the vehicles being cheap to the buyers; this is explained by price tag put on the value of each car (Butler, 2016). The communication also aims at describing the quality of the vehicles as a way of attracting the customers. The visual and verbal communication strategies have been used in the advert, the picture of the Nissan cars is used to give a captivating impression to the buyers on the quality of the cars. The positioning statement in this advert goes as "0% APR & REBATES ON MOST NISSAN! ALMOST UPTO $5000 CASH BACK! AND MAKE NO PAYMENTS FOR 90 DAYS." This statement aims at attracting the customers bearing on the cheap cost of the vehicles and the amount discounted on them. The communication tactics applied in the advert is attractive as they give numerous impressions on the cars.There is a lot of creativity in this advert; this is because the designer has used a lot of features ranging from visual to the types of statements used which are attractive to the target group. A range of different car models is displayed in the advert to give a hint to the buyers of how the cars appear. This advert is therefore very effective in meeting its target which is tosell and to inform the people about the cars (Butler, 2016). Very impressive different car

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