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Assignment TMA02 - Leadership Theory

Added on - 22 Sep 2019

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Running Head: ASSIGNMENT TMA02ASSIGNMENT TMA02[Document subtitle]
ASSIGNMENT TMA021PART 1:The below given story is a real-life situation of mine. I worked in the manufacturing company ofthe Singapore for two months in order to get some experience during my holiday breaks. Thecompany was used to manufacture engineered products and the company had expertise in diecasting of the aluminum, molding of the plastic injection and the stamping of deep drawn metal.The company was opening a new plant near the existing one, and I was appointed as the assistantmanager of the project manager who was looking for the new project. The team was made whichwas led by the project manager, but he didn't have great qualities of leadership like he didn’tclearly define the goals and roles to the team. The team members were well trained and efficient.There were commitment and team spirit among the team members. The team members knewvery well that how the weaknesses of the employees can be converted into the strengths. Butthey were not getting the complete support from the project manager. The project manager tookthe things very lightly and relied on the top management completely, and because of this, theconflicts started rising among the team members as the goals were not clear and there was chaosamong the team as they didn't know who will perform which task. They were not getting properorders in order to execute the things. Being an individual, I was so much annoyed as there wereconflict and chaos among the team members. The time and resources were getting wasted. Theproject manager was not doing anything in order to improve the functioning of the team. The topmanagers conducted a meeting when they came to know about the behavior of project manager.During the meeting, the manager was given the warning to perform his job well otherwise hewould be terminated. The project manager took the warning so seriously that he started treatinghis employees and the team like machines and he used to supervise them very closely. The teammembers were not supposed to take any single decision without consulting the project manager.
ASSIGNMENT TMA022The procedures, rules, and standards became very rigid, and because of this, the team was notable to work efficiently and effectively. The number of injuries and accidents increased at thesite because the team was working more than the desired number of hours. As a result, thecompany incurred losses and were blamed about the safety of the team.PART 2:The two theoretical frameworks which have been used in order to analyze the above-givensituation are as follows:Behavioral approach-This approach mainly focuses on the leader’s behavior and how the employee’s performancegets impacted by the behavior of the leader (Chemers, M. 2014. This approach shows that howthe leader balances his behavior towards people and production in order to increase efficiencyand effectiveness. The behavioral approach also states that the leader encourages his team toparticipate in the decision-making process in order to build a good relation with them and theemployees feel encouraged and motivated and this result in maximizing the productivity (Chiu etal., 2016).The good point of the project manager who has been treated as the protagonist for this case isthat he was production centered after the warning was given to him. As he had very rigid rulesand procedures for the team, he had closed supervision, concerned about the work andmaximizing the profits in order to increase the business value. This increased the productivity tosome extent. The bad point of the protagonist of this case is that he was not maintaining abalance between the relationship and task behavior. The team was treated as machines, and theorders were imposed on them. As a result, they were forced to work more than the desired hours,
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