ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice Reflection

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[1]Australian Engineering Practice ReflectionName:Course:Date:
[2]Working on a project requires more of teamwork than individual efforts for maximum benefits. Collaboration is very important for any project or a task which needs to be undertaken. It is said to occur when a group or two individuals join together and work towards accomplishing a certain goal through sharing of their skills and ideas. However, I have come to realize that due to the advancement in technology, it can happen in much more other diverse ways such as the use for cloud-based programs to communicate or even sharingfiles and other materials online (Morgan, 2014, p.100). It has become one of the most important factors which contribute to the success of any business besides having positive employees who can perform well. This allows the employees to become more creative, productive and innovative hence promoting a healthy working relationship and a better business environment. Having the skill to advise people on the best ways to work for maximum outputs motivates me. However, the skill to work under pressure is still a challenge to me hence I still need to work towards perfecting it to become useful in my engineering career. Collaboration is of great significance for a team project for various reasons. One of the most importance of job collaboration is that it creates self-motivation or awareness. It forces one to express their competencies in an individual field as it manifests whatever one presentson the table and this can only be possible through collaboration. It challenges a person to express and extract whatever they are good and talented at and at the same time help they realize what they are poor at or whatever needs improvement (Amabile & Kramer, 2011, p. 66). This means that it becomes possible to present the weaknesses and strengths that one possesses honestly so that one can ask for assistance where necessary and also be bold about how one can be of help to others. The effectiveness in problem-solving was quite

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