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Background and Organizational Analysis

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BACKGROUND AND ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS1I.Background and Organizational AnalysisA.IntroductionChesapeake IT Consultants were founded in May 2004, and it's headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Chesapeake IT Consultants is a fortunate consulting services firm of Information Technology that employ the methodologies of management and validate Information Technologyto get the desired results for its clients. The customer base of this firm is small and the middle tier businesses, an organization which is non-profit and the agencies of the government at all levels including local, state and federal level. Chesapeake IT Consultants eagerly believes that their success wholly depends on the combination of the IT consultant's talent, best methods employed by CIC and their allegiance of delivery of solutions to their IT concerned customers.Organizational StrategyThe business strategy of the CIC is to administer the outstanding services of consulting and advice to its clients with the help of employing consultants having a highly skilled and residing alongside new concepts of business and technologies or to develop new concepts of business and developing best practices for the business by their own. There iss software by the name of commercial off the shelf which is recommended by Chief Information Officer (CIO) that will improve the process of hiring, and CIC can easily hire highly qualified employees in short time as from manual hiring it required lots of time.
BACKGROUND AND ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS2C.Components of an Information System1.People and technology:i.CEO- Mr. Alvin Morrison a CEO of the CIC Company. He is the main person in the company they have more interest in the company as he the owner of the company he has more concern over the hiring process. The main objective of CEO with respect to information system is that he wants that right person should be in a right place so that required result will come and satisfy the customers of CIC according to their needs or to fulfill the current contracts and hired an additional talented or highly qualified staff to meet the requirement of future contracts.ii.CFO: As CFO he is more concerned with the bottom line. He believes that it is important to invest in the cost effective technology, but that improves the process of today and to cater the need of the future but he also suggest that it is not only important to have a cost effective technology as it does not measure the capabilityof the staff so it is important to measure the capability according to which hiring system can be developed as capability of the staff (skill and certification data)will suggest the further requirement of staff for the success of the CIS. iii.CIO: Fadil Abadi is a member of the department of IT, and he has a knowledge of architecture and the strategy of the CIS. He believes that strategy should be as per the strategy and the architecture of the CIS and for strategy matching the strategy of the CIS, current strategy has been developed to adapt the Software as aService (SAAS) solution that can be redistributed comparatively quickly and

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