The Role of Government in Recruitment Process for Organizations


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Research Area (Recruitment and Selection)Recruitment and selection process is very significant for already established businesses and newbusiness as well. The human resources department have the support and know-how ofemployment experts who assist the mangers in hiring along with procedures for ensuring theleaders of the company that right decision are being made. There are different steps in therecruitment and selection process which includes sourcing the candidates, tracking the reviewingthe applicants and conducting the interviews for finally selecting the candidate. Research QuestionPresent recruitment and selection process for the cadet pilots in Emirates Airlines is effective ornot? Justification for useRecruitment and selection process is very significant process as hiring right human resourceswill help in increasing the performance of the organization as a whole. If the organization hiresbad fit for any position then it will impact the work and cost incurred for the replacement of thebad fit will be quite high. Due to the significance of the recruitment and selection process, I haveselected the topic for writing project.
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Internal Secondary SourcesSurvey Survey have been used for collecting data in this project, in order to gather necessary data andinformation. 30 cadets of the Emirates Airline have been surveyed, for the completion of theresearch on the recruitment and selection process of the organization. By utilizing survey as amethod of data collection, will help in gathering qualitative information about the recruitmentand selection process. Justification for UsageThe major reason for doing the survey was to get a clear understanding of the recruitment andselection process in the Emirates Airlines. In order to know viewpoints of the employees whohave undergone the recruitment and selection process in the organization and thus analyzing itseffectiveness. Survey will be helpful in answering the research question and objectives that have beenformulated in the beginning of the project.Relevance – The survey is relevant as it has been formulated taking into account theexisting recruitment and selection process in the Emirates Airlines.Recent – Survey will be conducted during the time allotted for the research. The Survey questionnaire have been formulated by the researcher. Accuracy – The survey will reflect the opinions of the respondents, thus the results of thesurvey can be biased.
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Safar Newspaper Safar is a fortnight internal newspaper of the Emirates Airlines and is mainly utilized as primarymeans of communication for staff across the world. This newspaper is available online as well asin print form, which is an increasingly popular electronic magazine by the Emirates Group. Justification for useThe Safar newspaper helped in providing relevant information for the employees ofEmirates along with the present operations of the airlines.The standard procedure of operations helped in providing data in relation to theemployees of the Emirates in order to remain updated with the procedures and the rulesof the Emirates.The Emirates world group helped in gathering valid information and the data in relationto the airlines.The internal sources helped in gathering the information about the operations and theactivities of the airlines in accordance with the staff to further understand the significanceof the recruitment in a better way.
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