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BSBMKG418 Marketing KnowledgeWorkbook 2Page1of9BSB418 Develop and Apply Knowledge of theMarketing Communications IndustryWorkbook 2 of 2Name: _______________________
Assessment Cover Sheet – Out of ClassFaculty:Foundation and BusinessSection:BusinessServicesCollege:Qualification Number &Name:Certificate IV Marketing and CommunicationsTAFECourse no:Unit of CompetencyNumber & Name:BSBMKG418 - Develop and apply knowledge of marketing communication industryAssessment 1Task 2:Workbook 2AssessmentDue Date:Assessment Instructions:Complete all tasks detailed in the following pagesFill in this assessment cover sheet and submit with your completed assessment taskSign the declarationSubmit the completed task within the outlined timeframeNumber of words/pagesPresentation required i.e. ppt/pressi/hardcopyAny time specificationsAssessment Criteria:Research and report on the marketing communications industry structure, its role in society and within particularorganisationsDevelop a stakeholder analysis relevant to particular organisationsScope the impact of new and alternative communication technology on the marketing communications industryResearch and report on the current issues affecting the marketing communications industry.Discuss current issues and trends which affect the marketing communications industryCategorise industry structures and networksDescribe organisational and client operating environments, structures, and business and marketing plansList the current digital communications technologies, platforms and devicesOutline principles and practices of marketing communications and media strategies.STUDENT ORIGINALITY DECLARATION:Please tick to indicate that you understand the following statements:I declare that:The attached assessment ismy own work,except where I have cited the original source (check with yourteacher as appropriate citation is different for different courses).For the purposes of assessment, I give the assessor of this assessment permission to:Reproduce my work and provide a copy to another member of staff, andValidate the assessment for its authenticity which may include communicating a copy ofmy workto achecking service (which may keep a copy ofmy workon its database for future plagiarism checking).Student Name:Student ID:Student Signature:Date:Assessment Outcome:Satisfactory (S)Not Satisfactory (NS)Resit (RS)BSBMKG418 Marketing KnowledgeWorkbook 2Page2of9
Assessor Name & Signature:Date:Question 1-Briefly describe each employment position/role and responsibilities in the marketing andcommunications industry.Employment Position/ RoleDescription of role and responsibilitiesProduct ManagerProduct managers are responsible for controlling the success of the products andleading the team that are responsible for improving it. They are creating the strategies,roadmap, features and definitions for the products. This role may also include theresponsibilities of forecasting and marketing.Brand ManagerBrand managers are responsible for the creation and lasting impression perceivedamongst consumers and improving the organisations product sales and market share.This can be achieved by creating advertisements and marketing activities that portraythe right brand image. By using the analytical data fromresearching consumer marketsand generating names for new/existing products or services, as well as coming up withideas for new packaging designs to help enhance the brands image.Marketing ManagerMarketing managers are responsible for managing the company's marketing initiatives.Using market research and analytics to direct marketing strategies and plans. They’lloversee the production of all promotional materials and marketing campaigns. They arealso responsible for the process of conducting interviews, hiring, and training ofmarketing staff members as well as establishing the marketing goals based on pastperformance and market forecasts. Working alongsidetheir marketing staff to developdetailed marketing plans for the chosen media channels and sales teams. Can besubject to the approval and oversight for the creative development of promotionalmaterials and advertisements.Marketing DirectorMarketing Director (MD) will be in charge of leading the organisations overall marketingefforts. There is a high responsibility for providing the right guidance to your marketingdepartment, evaluating and developing/improving marketing strategies, coordinatingyour teams marketing efforts and positioning the organisations brand. Also responsiblefor organising company conferences, major events and industry shows.Understandingand developing budgets and finances will be the most important responsibility for an MDin maintaining the organisations operations.Chief Marketing OfficerChief Marketing Officer (CMO) responsible for supervising the development andexecution of marketing and advertising initiatives to increase revenue for theorganisation.The CMO responsibilities also include new business/product development,distribution channel management and customer service operations. The CMO ensuresthe organisation's message is distributed across these channels and to the targetedaudiences in order to meet sales objectives. The CMO's primary responsibility is togenerate revenue by increasing sales through all available channels within theorganisation through product marketing, market research and advertising.Digital MarketingManagerDigital Marketing Managers are in charge of leading the marketing team, brainstorminginnovative and new strategies for brand loyalty and overseeing all aspects of the digitalmarketing department. The key goal in this role is to help grow the organisationsinfluence while also increasing brand awareness.BSBMKG418 Marketing KnowledgeWorkbook 2Page3of9
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