Planning and Implementing Administrative Systems


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BSB50215 Diploma of BusinessBSBADM504 Plan and Implement Administrative SystemsAssessment Task 1This is a classroom based, team task. Your trainer/assessor can assist you with forming theteams. Part A:This is a team task of two people involving role play in which you and one of your classmateswill play the roles of a client and a system developer respectively as per the following steps:Think of a company and develop a basic business profile (maximum 1 page long) explaining business type, size, industry and key business operations. Conduct a meeting with the system developer discussing the current/key business operations, client requirements and expectations, possible solutions and the next step inthe processBased on the discussion and information provided, the system developer will conduct a brief need analysis and prepare a proposal for the client, identifying administrative system requirements, and suggesting appropriate solutions. Your proposal would include:oOverview of current business operationsoRecommended administrative systemsoKey features of the systemoKey vendors and approximate costs (research and compile the info)oPerceived benefits to the businessSubmit the proposal to your client and obtain feedback. Part B:Based on the Part A, prepare and present an implementation plan for the organisation that includes the following points: Goals and objectivesRecommended administrative systemsImplementation strategies (HOW the objectives will be achieved)Vendors and expected costsInternal consultation and communication Key implementation tasks, responsibilities and completion time Resources needs for implementationStaff training needs and requirements Legislative requirements (e.g. privacy, code of practice, copyright etc.)System evaluation procedure (Post implementation)System monitoring procedure (Post Implementation) Submission Guidelines1 page printout of the business brief (Part A)Printout of the proposal (Part A)Printout of the implementation plan (Part B)
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A hard copy of the essay and innovation plan report with assessment cover sheet
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BSB50215 Diploma of BusinessBSBADM504 Plan and Implement Administrative SystemsAssessment Task 2:Answer the following questions:Q1. What are Administrative Systems? Provide examples of at least three administrative systems with a brief description._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Q2. What steps would you take to ensure that implementation of a new administrative system involves employee participation.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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