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Case Study of Debenhams

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Added on  2020-02-12

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Contemporary Themes RESEARCH Case study of Debenhams They have to do proper primary research which helps business entity in attaining information to planstrategieswhichenhancegrowth profitability and growth of market. Further, they can conduct quantitative analysis which helps in doing questioning from customers face to face or online interview (Gujarathi, 2015). After conducting interview of consumers which which employees can get the appropriate and correct information as well as data and then they have to analysed that. It prevents the contradict of data.For conducting

Case Study of Debenhams

   Added on 2020-02-12

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Contemporary Themes
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RESEARCHCase study of DebenhamsThey have to do proper primary research which helps business entity in attaininginformation to plan strategies which enhance growth profitability and growth of market. Theyhave to target the audience, identify needs and demands of consumers etc. They can takefeedback from consumers or take the interviews of them. Moreover, they can do qualitativeanalysis by taking interviews of customers of distinct cultures, advices etc. Further, they canconduct quantitative analysis which helps in doing questioning from customers face to face oronline interview (Gujarathi, 2015). Along with this staff members have to use effective strategyso that they can attain targets. The following questions which can be used to conduct primary research.1.What product you buy most from Debenhams?2.Which brand do you prefer for clothing and why?3.What is the most important feature of Debenhams?4.Can you say a little about fashion trends as well as craze?5.What improvements you want in Debenhams?6.Can you provide me a ranking of brands which are available in the market ofDebenhams?After conducting interview of consumers employees can get the appropriate and correctinformation as well as data and then they have to analysed that. Ethical research assist in determining stuff whether it is acceptable and unacceptable.There are some possibilities which can be found during research that some end users may feelbad due to some questions or words. It prevents the contradict of data. For conducting an ethicalresearch firstly company have to take permission from consumers and ask them whether they areready to answer the questions (Ruwanpura, 2015). This can be done by taking permission onphones, emails, online along with the face to face. The questions which are prepared forinterviews should be checked and analysed and also approved by other members of company.Along with this all questions should be made keeping in mind that no harm which is caused toanyone by wordings or statements. Managers as well as employers have to keep all dataconfidential as the name and number as well as other data can not be misused or revealed. Thestaff members can follow Data Protection Act 1998 which assist in protecting data of company.
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The staff members of company have to do secondary research which involves concertedof data along with the information by the previous and existing research. Debenhams should useretail data for internal methods which assist in saving a time. For external method it could usestatistics of regulatory bodies as they are correct. Along with this all these things can beconducted by using the papers as well as research (Fogarty, 2015). MARKETING AND DIGITAL SOCIETYSWOT Analysis of FacebookStrengthsFacebook is a top as well as biggest familiar networking website and has doingdevelopments on their own to become a leading brand in this sector. The higher authorities or holder of Facebook involves in civil activities as well ascharities. All the activities which are related to corporate social responsibility having apositive impact on community which create a brand value of business entity in market. The information and data muddled in websites is very strong and booming. Many person are using Facebook for e-commerce and broadcast (Lupton, 2015). It has entrenched its style in different people among teenagers as it is not a necessity itbecome addiction to them. WeaknessesThe employees of Facebook have to do proper analysis and reports which suggest growthrate of Facebook. Demonetisation is also a big problem of Facebook. In business entity, there are someportals as well as search engines which is practising under monetisation. The ambiguity on conversion rate of Facebook is still increasing. The actions which are taken by marketer that can not be controlled. Along with this byusing these actions employees of Facebook can not determined that they are attainingsuccess or not and they are facing changes or not. OpportunitiesThey are having a capability to introduce products along with the plans.
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