Comprehensive Evaluation of a Management Process


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Business Management Module Title BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Module Code 6N4310 Assessment Technique PROJECT Weighting 60% Guidelines:Identify and prepare a comprehensive evaluation of a management process Prepare a detailed description of a management system for implementation. The implementation of the system should also be discussed and evaluated. The management skills associated with the project should be identified List what you see to be the key management in any project A list of both conclusions and recommendations should also be presented Assessment/Marking Criteria: Identifying a management process for evaluation (6 Marks) Evaluation of that Management process (6 Marks) Preparing a detailed description of a Management System for Implementation (6 Marks) Describing the implementation of the system (6 Marks) Evaluation the effectiveness of the system for implementation (6 Marks) Identifying range of management skills found (6 Marks) The students own list of key management skills (6 Marks) List of Conclusions presented (6 Marks) List of Recommendations made (6 Marks) Project well Presented (6 Marks) Any results issued are provisional and subject to confirmation from the FETAC External Authenticator.
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Comprehensive Evaluation of a Management Process_1

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