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Analysis of Business Model Canvas of Graduate Business School

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Added on  2019-09-23

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This presentation provides an analysis of the business model canvas of Graduate Business School (GBS), a part of a top-ranked university in the UK. It covers key partners, activities, value propositions, customer segments, relationships, resources, channels, cost structure, and revenue streams.

Analysis of Business Model Canvas of Graduate Business School

   Added on 2019-09-23

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Slide 1: IntroductionThe business model canvas is an effective tool for understanding the business model in astructured and the straightforward way (Zhang & Huang, 2015). Use of the canvas enables themanagement to get a deeper insight on the customers the business needs to serve. Use of thebusiness model canvas also enables the organizations to identify the channels which offer thevalue proposition for earning the profit. The Graduate Business School (GBS) is a part of the University with about 17000 full and parttime students in England. The University is one of the top ranked institutions in the UK. Thecurrent presentation deals with analysis on the business canvas model of the institution.Slide 2: Elements of business canvas modelKey partnersKey activitiesValue propositionsCustomers relationshipsCustomer SegmentsKey ResourcesChannelsCost structureRevenue streamSlide 3: Key partnersKey Partner: The UniversityKey Resource Obtained: Infrastructure and the brand reputationKey Activity performed: Providing the institution with guidelines execute its activitiesFuture approaches: Identification of digital partners to increase the scope of providing the digitaleducation.2
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Identification of the key partners for an organization facilitates the businesses to recognize whatare the key resources the businesses obtain from the partners and what are the key activities thatthe partners perform (Toro-Jarrín et al.2016). For GBS, the key partner is the University underwhose flagship the organization works. From the University, the institution obtains infrastructureand the brand reputation.Currently the institution offers several on-campus and the online courses. The demand of onlinecourses is increasing worldwide because of the higher level of convenience and flexibilityoffered to the students (Gonçalves & da Silva, 2017). Incorporation of the Blue Ocean strategy iseffective to reduce the competition by creating the new market. GBS can focus on identify newpartners which can enable the institution to conduct online courses for the international students.Initiating the online courses for the international students can create the new market for theinstitution.Slide 4: Key activities and value propositionsThe key activities of GBS are –1 year FT MBA programme 2 year PT MBA programme (on-campus)MSc programmes (Marketing, Public Relations, International Business, Operations andLogistics Management, Accounting and Finance, and International Finance)Online short CPD course for managers on mindfulnessCourses start two times in a year -- in January and SeptemberFuture approach: Starting new online courses for the international studentsAnalysis on the key activities performed by the organizations is effective to identify thefunctions that the organizations execute for creating value proposition (Fritscher & Pigneur,2015). Discussion on the value proposition is effective for the businesses to identify whichproblems of the customer are going to be addressed. In case of GBS, the institution conducts parttime and full time MBA courses that fit the need of both national and the international students.Some of the MSc programs are accredited which enhances the value to the students. The coursesare conducted in two academic sessions and some of the courses are delivered online. All of3
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