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Jan 2017Computer Security CourseworkDue Date: 20 th Feb 2017Value: Worth 20% of final mark for the unitResearch project: This assignment tests students’ abilities to undertake independent learningand perform a logical analysis of several areas. Students will be expected to demonstrateresearch capability as well as a high degree of academic rigor and integrity. {See description formore details}Research Project (20%) 1. Security Planning, Policies and Risk AnalysisResearch and discuss the importance of security planning, policies and risk analysis for amedium-size organization. Discussion should include how these ensure businesscontinuity for the organization, appropriate security policies that should beimplemented, etc. Students should also provide design an appropriate security plan forthe organization. Note:Regardless of their choice of topics, students will be required to demonstrate a wide range ofreading. Students will need to demonstrate a degree of rigor that cannot be achieved simply byrepeating the contents of a single book or web page. Students will need to read widely andperform their own analysis of the selected topics.Page 1

Jan 2017Report Requirements and Format:The requirements of your assignment submission are as follow:Length: Not more than 3,000 wordsFormat:The report must be word processed and be professional in appearance i.e. in MSWord format. The report must make use of appropriate fonts and formatting (e.g.Arial 12)Must Contain:Title Page (NOT included in the word count): An overall title page must show the titleof the report, your name, student number, and an accurate word count.Table of Contents (NOT included in the word count): This must accurately reflect thecontent of your report.Executive Summary (NOT included in the 3000 word limit): This should provide aconcise snapshot of the entire report, which should not be more than 300 words. Introduction and Scope (Included in the word count): Students should introduce theirreport, define its scope and state any assumptions made.Main body of report (Included in the word count): As described in the Task section.Must be logically structured and well referenced. This should make effective use ofheadings and subheadings.Conclusions Section (Included in the word count): This section should draw togetherthe main points raised in the main body of the report and round off the assignment.Glossary of relevant terms (NOT included in the word count): This should containoriginal, but referenced definitions for appropriate terms. Only security related termsshould be included in this glossary, as opposed to general computing terms.List of References (NOT included in the word count): This should list the referencesused in the report. Entries in this list must correspond to in-text references in the mainbody of the report. Page 2

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