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ConclusionThe thesis of the project states that married ones are more focused than the unmarried ones. Thestudy also focuses on the efficiency and dedication of work. It also describes that the marriedones can manage the utilisation of energy in a most efficient and effective manner. The studyanalyse that the married ones are better than the unmarried ones (Waggoner et al., 2015).The findings of analysis include that married people are more focused than the unmarried ones.The results of the findings are positive. The results can be used to teach the singles regarding thebenefits of married life. The research can be implemented on describing the efficiency ofmarriage.It is founded on the study that the married people can manage the odd works and they can alsoeffectively manage the utilisation of energy in a right track. From the survey, the results havedrowned that the getting married at the early age is obvious in some areas. The males havesolved the questionnaire more than the females, and they give true answers.It can be concluded that the singles are less focused than the unmarried ones because theyunderstand the responsibility after getting married towards their family whereas single are lessresponsible. The married are more efficient in performing their jobs and duties than theunmarried ones. The efficiency is increased after getting married so the results can be used forteaching unmarried people (Williamson et al., 2016). The research can use for the social work.In the end on the basis of findings it can be concluded that the wages and marital status havedirect relationship which shows that the married ones balance their work life and personal life ina most effective and efficient manner than the unmarried ones. The married are more focused
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