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INTRODUCTIONThe banquet and conferencing sector is a growing sector and it has emergingopportunities. United Kingdom is a developed country and it has a very good industry ofconference and banqueting. The scope in this company for such business is very high. Thebanquet and conferencing industry is involved in launching seminar places for gathering ofdifferent individuals and food and drinks are served to guests. There are various issues on whichthis industry focuses such as environmental problems, food, social, budget, decoration,accommodation, special techniques. There are various strategies followed in this industry likeperformance evaluation, pricing, booking diary, maintenance of records, database management,security issues, etc (Davis, and Et. Al, 2018). The following project is based on “Service on thePlate”. This report includes the factors which affects the development of conference andbanqueting sector. Factors which are considered while organising an offsite conferencing andmenu planning are discussed in this report.TASK 11.1 Size and scope of conference and banqueting sectorThe size and scope of the banquet and conference industry is an important factor forattracting a lot of customers as well as investors who can invest in this sector. The various factorsthat are involved in the size an scope of the conference and banquet industry are ownership styleand the orientation which is offered by them. The classification of conference and banquetingsector is described below-Scope– The conference and banqueting sector has made good profits in UK and hells inincreasing economy of UK. The most important factor in this industry is customers. It isimportant for conference and banquet industry to provide good services to customers and buildtrust and loyalty towards them. The hospitality management of these industries focuses onproviding good services to customers and increase the level of loyalty and trust. In the currentscenario, the hospitality facilities involves celebrating different events, occasions, festivals,ceremony, anniversaries, wedding, family functions, etc. The conference and banquet sector isgrowing at a very fast rate and various events are organised in different locations. It is importantfor the banquet and conferencing industry to provide quality services to customers as this willhelp firms like Service on the plate to increase profits and money earned by the company. If the1
services provided to customers are good then this will help the banquet and conferencing serviceto grow faster in market. The appropriate and good services are offered by Service on a plateorganisation and this will attract customers towards their hotel facilities. The scope of this factorwill include helping of different industries like bar, restaurants, cafes and their development.There are around 40000 guest houses and hotels located in United Kingdom. This sector ofindustry has approximately 1.5 million people serving in more than 130000 private and publicproperties. There are great opportunities of banquet and conferencing sector in UK.Size-The conference and banquet industry is available at various stages including small,medium and large. The size of companies of conference and banquet industry is differentiated onvarious basis like number of conference and meeting conducted in the specified time. If thenumber of guests in an event are more then arrangements will be done according to that and ifnumber if guests are less then there will be different arrangements. A large size is required forgathering or meeting of 5000 to 10000 people which is easily be conducted in “Service on aplate” company.1.2 Analyse the factors that have influenced it's developmentThere are various factors that affects the development and growth of an organisation ofbanquet and conferencing industry. It is important for a company to analyse factors which willhelp in decreasing risk and improving different operations of conference in an appropriatemanner (Seal, and Mattimoe, 2017). A good communication system is adopted for handlingvarious issues such as political, social, economical, licensing, lightening, sound system, crowdcontrol, etc. This various strategies and policies developed in this industry for maintainingadvantages of sustainability are mentioned below-Environmental– The development of this sector must not provide any harm toenvironment. If there is any improvement in infrastructure then these must be eco friendly. Theorganisations of banquet and conferencing industry must ensure that room layout liaison shouldbe followed, there must be policies for maintaining room layout in appropriate manner andrequirement of guests. It is required for conference and banquet industries to develop license.Political- This factor cannot be controlled by management of the company. Politicalfactors impacts the functioning of a company directly. The various political aspects that affects2
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