Contemporary Hospitality Industry


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Political Science
Contemporary Hospitality Industry
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PESTLE Analysis
Political factor
Marriott hotel
There are different types of compliances issued by UK Government on those industries who are dealing their
operations in hospitality sectors.
Hilton Hotel
This factor create impact on the business of Hilton in London as act of Terrorism in 2005.
Economic factors
Marriott hotel
Taxation and foreign exchange rate of different nations that may influence their business in numerous ways.
Hilton Hotel
In UK, there are various economical crisis are arise in 2009 whcich make decrement in th sale of the Hilton
hotel by 20% and profit by 40%. It also affect the economic condition of the nation as well company.
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Social factors
Marriott hotel
Every region have separate set of values, believes and culture that are followed by individual’s large base
of population in that region.
Hilton Hotel
There are various changes occurred in the needs and demands of the customers and they required product
and services according to them. This affect the business and business strategies of Hilton hotel in unfavourable
Technological factors
Marriott hotel
Technology is rising in fast manner as hospitality industry is one of the leading and fastest growing
industries with large competition
Hilton Hotel
Advance technology, artificial intelligence and online booking etc. can influence the business of Hilton
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Legal factors
Marriott hotel
There are different types of laws and legislation complied on hospitality industry some of these
legislation include employee health and safety measure, workplace safety, daily basis wage rate and more.
Hilton Hotel
Hilton hotel operate its business internationally so when the government make change in its policies are
legislation like trading and entry policies then it negatively affect it.
Environmental factors
Marriott hotel
There are different types of environmental measures which are required to adopt by industries within
Hospitality in order to conduct their services in well effective manner.
Hilton Hotels
However the working of this hotel will not impact upon the environment but the contribution made by
this hotel towards environment will help in creating positive image of the business in the mindset of
customers and hence will impact positively.
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SWOT analysis
Strengths (Marriott Hotel )
Higher international brand name recognition
Worldwide reservation system
Technological advancements in their organisational structure
Strengths (Hilton hotel)
Strong brand image in the marketplace
Good employee retention
Technical innovations
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