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Running head: DECISION SUPPORT TOOLSDecision support toolsName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1DECISION SUPPORT TOOLSReflective study: 1One of the key issues that I have identified in initiating the discussed business plan is theissues of group formation in the organization. This is due to the reason that each group membersin the group are belonging from different social backgrounds and qualifications. Thus, they arehaving different expertise and approaches in resolving an issue. Thus, the formation of the grouphas gone through various restrictions. For instance, one of the group members is being allocatedthe job of marketing and sales. However, the approaches initiated by him in implementing themarketing strategies are not being matched with the organizational structure and strategies. Thus,a clash of issue originated. Moreover, another issue in the formation of group that has beenidentified is the lack of coordination among the team members. It is been noticed by me there isa chance of having lack of coordination among the members from different departments. Thiswill cause hindrance in achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Due to this reason, Ihave initiated training programs to train the members about the importance of the coordination inthe organization. This is due to the reason that, for instance if the human resource departmentwill not coordinate with the marketing department and vice versa, then it will be difficult for thehuman resource department to determine the requirement of the marketing department from theemployees. Thus, it will cause in hindrance of the marketing activities of the organization.Hence, the training program is being expected that it will reduce the barriers in the formation ofgroup.Reflective study: 2Conflict resolution is one of the key factors that should be considered in effectivemanagement of the team in the organization. This is due to the reason that, it is being seen that in

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