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DeliveryissuesDelivery issues isusually made bycompanies whichdelivery items to longdistance customers.This kind of problemscan be also a wrongdelivery package thatmeans that the orderfrom one customer issent to anothercustomer that has notordered nothing. Thisproblem can affectSainsbury’s to loseonline customerbecause they don’ttrust the website forthe delivery issuesConsumer TrustIf the customer does not trust anymoreSainsbury’s that could pose risk toward thecompany. One reason that can take that trustcould be that the customer is scared about theirpersonal detail such as bank account details beingcompromised if the website will be damaged.Sainsbury’s can be affected by losing customerbecause they do not give the right informationabout their software that protect their customerdata.Lack of Human ContactAll the processes that an online customer doeswhen he buy products online, it does with nohuman contact and that can affect badly withcustomers that are used to have human contactwhen they are buying stuff from the stores.Sainsbury’s can be affected by it by losingcustomer because they are not sure that buyingfrom online it is a good way instead of going in aDrawbacksBy Habibullah Tohin Aman (1110556)
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