Develop a sequenced Teaching and Learning Plan

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Develop a sequenced Teaching and LearningPlan
EarlyB-1years2-3years4-5yearsORK123456Number ofLessons12345ChildhoodPrimaryTopic: AKey ConceptsNATIONAL CURRICULUMIdentify formation of solarsystemSolar system and conceptsand theories related to it
Lesson(Day/Time/Length)Learning ExperiencesAdaptationsAssessmentENGAGELesson 1 Solarsystem unitTo provide students about what solar system is and how it works. Also, showing themhistory and formation of solar system.Giving copiesof notesShowingpresentationsDividing activities intosmall lessons.Using concepts andbooks of solar systemEXPLORESession 1How solarsystem wasformedTo provide theories and concepts of formation of solar system. Moreover, how planetswere formed and why they revolve around sun.BooksExplaining conceptsand theoriesEXPLAINSession 2Planet studiesTo explain what planets are and how it works in solar system. What is features of planetsText booksThrough videosand practicalexampleELABORATELesson 2Universe studiesTo support students in describing relation of universe with solar system. What is role ofsun and moon in solar system.BooksBy presentations and3-Dgraphicsand images
EVALUATELesson 3Questions andanswerHere, students will be allowed to ask questions regarding solar system andwhat they have understood. Also, what they have learned during wholesessions.NotesGiving answers to theirquestionsOverall Unit Plan EvaluationHow would you (as teacher) evaluate the effectiveness of this unit?As a teacher I will evaluate effectiveness by asking questions to students. This will enable me to get insight about what they have learned.Moreover, I will take an oral test of students. So, with help of it I will be able to gather data from them. Beside this, at end of session I willtake written test as well. So, it will help me to determine whether my teaching was helpful to students or not. Also, I will take feedbackfrom students in relation to it.Reference ListAppendicese.g. Resources if applicable
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